Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13 - Happy Birthday, Mr. Shovel!

Happy birthday to the fabulous Mr. Shovel, who is always ready with the right response be it a sound clip, smartass rejoinder, a tune on the friggin' melodica, etc. Here's to you Mr. Shovel and thank you for everything! You can send him birthday wishes where you'll find him at the Indie MySpace!

Thanks! Tina. Yes Meeester Shovelll! Have a good one!

Those of you who can, could always head down to the "Hammer Museum" - 13th July 2006. Not an institution exhibiting great hammers, eg. Thor's hammer, hammer time, Rodgers and Hammerstein, "if I had a hammer..."

The Hammer museum is probably a venue in Los Angeles somewhere. No entrance fee, no admission. Free. so go along there have yourselves a good time and celebrate with Mr. Shovel.

"Monsters are waiting"...and the "Bangkok five," too will be there for your delictation.
This info was taken from Mr. Shovel bulletin on the old myspace.


Firefox 2 due in September. Now Beta testing.

In assorted grab bag where does this go? news....

More on Zizou here.

More on Syd Barrett including discussion about prog rock, Sixties Brit Psychedelia and media assumptions - including my own about LSD25. here.


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