Thursday, June 15, 2006

Steve, resplendent in Union Jack, gestures in front of that TV we've heard about. This just brings it all to life, doesn't it? Big hands...

England plays today. Rooney is "match fit".

In soccer they don't have a "final score", they have a "result". They don't have "fans", they have "supporters". They don't wear a "uniform", they have a "kit". They have "set pieces". I can't think of an equivalent for that. I thought I heard one the the commentators say that England's coach said that his team is "all about set- pieces". That's some tasteful trash-talk there! Eriksson bringin' the smack. As an American, I don't know if I am allowed to use these words. I don't think we get to say, "bloody", for example. "You lot" is extremely handy, but I have to stop myself from saying it. After listening to The Box so much, I have permitted some of Steve's special "grammar" to seep in...

Apparently many in Scotland are planning on serving up some tropical drinks at gametime today. <--click

Okay, I have a picture of a crow playing soccer in my MySpace and no one has been in to look at it this morning. No one! What, you aren't fascinated by a damn bird in a soccer jersey! He's even got a little ball, but it's not a Teamgeist ball. Maybe that's the problem.

Since the game is to be over before twelve bells, Sire won't be taking a sickie today. We will be Boxful.

During Wednesday's show, the guys honed their commentating (is "commentating" a real word?) skills. Steve has given notice that he will discuss the twelve bells games, but will be careful to avoid giving out results on-air so as to not ruin the suspense for the Tivotees out there and any borderline tidbits get spoiler alerts before he says them. Those that don't like it can be excused for the next few weeks. Nice ambient sounds were played in the background, it was like being in a stadium of singing football fans. I noticed that they even made their way into the background of a song, hovering from side to side. Mr. Shovel is learning to enjoy the soccer. If you looked for a new post here yesterday, I didn't get it posted until evening and it's right below this one. Off I go for now, today is another exciting footyful day. T.

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