Saturday, April 15, 2006

Just to let you know...

that Jack's shack is down. The computer supply unit that powers all the various bits and bobs on a computer blew up and took the motherboard with it. Jack is currently looking for another temporary solution. Other than that all is normal here, no more dead swans to be found in Fife, though touristicos with digi cams have been flocking to Cellardyke to have the place pointed out where that dead whooper swan came ashore. Also I like Steve's hirsute myspace profile pic, visually appalling to deplilators but it is in - a tactile touchy feely sense - I am reliably informed, like hugging someone in a mohair jumper.

Whether Tina will bring on another transcription I do not know but I would just like to say a thank you for all your comments - each and everyone is mused over and noted. We appreciate your support of this our transcriptorium. Have a good weekend whatever you do.

UPDATUM. Well having the man in your top 8, you are aware of any profile pic changes he makes. So first it was hairy arse then it was, tattoo me with mercy, then for a brief second a long haired nay silken sun blondy Steve on a motorbike looking back to camera but now it is the silken hat on a cleric's head. It is all complete Pontiffism and if you wish to see the changes for yourself - add the Pontiff on

and after the add, keep him fairly and squarely in your top 8 for to fail in this is heresy and he will delete you faster than a rampaging boot sector root kit virus deletes all your files on your computer - possibly. Steppin' up - I have some suspicion that Tina will post something else - what me worry Shloemoe as I'm going off to watch Dr. Who on a neighbour's telly!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Chris (CwA),

1. Sorry to hear that Jack's Shack is having problems, hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

2. I've enjoying Jonesy's many pic changes, the Hairy bottom seemed to be more than some his children took take. None of the less, it got it's comments.

3. And keep the love and respect going, Keep our Beloved Pontiff in your Top 8.

Or face the "Filth and Fury" of Pontiff's Children.

All Hail The Pontiff!!!!

Silly Sausage/Irishscots

rotter said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Rotter,

You would Defy the one and only wouldn't you? Oh crap you already did.

Silly Sausage