Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The merest smidgen

Morning blogstars. Well well well.

Steve gave us a new blog with the title:


I was seriously doubting whether he would, the auld yin was longer
than something really quite long it was into the 25th Century when
we will all be dead for sure and gone at close of play.

The sun sets on horizons that we will never see...

Floor great transcription! An ego the size of Steve Jones!

It's the real this is the real deal
and I am the accolyte real karma cola comin at ya from the Galloway massif!

I'd like to buy the world a Steve Jones guitar solo and sing in
perfect harmony...

"I fly the Indie 103.1 flag."

Wave on wave on..

News about JR. becoming a dee jay.

Er...John Rotten and not Jr my Jonesy juke box blogger.
Sure to be interesting Mr Lydon. 2X ex Sex Pistols spin
the decks. It's funny how our generation were the last generation
of heroes. There aint no heroes anymore just imitators...

shlomoethepaperbagwielding, you are all one and the same multi personage. The same name run into one. That's very weird, very weird behaviour. I don't know. Time was when you could go on the Internet and you'd get spammed, flamed, hip crimed, tossed, kill filed, plonked but now one ego with an insane conversation with himself draws others in.

I wonder if this is anti disassociative behaviour?
At least you are not a serial killer called Red Dragon. If you
are I am carrying my copy of the National enquirer and I claim
my $5.00. I always suspected that, Hah I suspect everyone and
I suspect no one.

No my Iberian amigo Chispa you cannot be the paper bag wielding one, can you? I yam broken harted and the veil of illusion falls Siddartha like from my eyes as I stop typing shit, Jewell and see the whole infinite oneness of creation and me a small dot upon it and hear words echoing weirdly from one Winterland - just down the road ya know coo eee- wow so many bands played there...

"ah ha ha, ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

What is it about No fun that I have to listen to it over and over again.

The way that Sid goes "bomp" on his bass

and in time! as the intro starts...ah its a kind of magic...I'm throwing in song titles here...pillaging and raiding the lyric store, want more? John's desperation,

"No fun, by myself, no fun, all alone, no fun..."

Scared that I'll fade away and turn to grey see see the salt and pepper has become a sea of grey upon my head, I grow old, I grow old I will wear my Sex personal collection bondage trousers rolled.

This has been a chris was infinite nonsensical dot upon the anon blogosfear and I'm sick of editing it and if there are any typos that's just tough, my eyes hurt already.

Oh alright bigups.
Anons who post sense
Nevah - come out of the myspace and post here ya used to.

et al.

If I've missed you etc. make yourself known and you may get a plaque
on your wall and a silver cup with yore name inscribed upon it.


multifacetsflux said...

huh? what'd i do??

Chris was Anon said...

You did nothing you did not pretend to be other people at least, we understand don't we.

Thanks for commenting my friend - have you checked out the post secret blog on my links - it really is incredible.

See you on the blog or the space.

multifacetsflux said...

YEAH! i'm real.. but there is much confusion on the captain's blog.. who's who? we all thought chispafilthylucre was real..actually it's shloe that's causing the confusion.. he insults us all the time, then he is clearly saying things and answering things in other names..or so we's unfortunate that he has these issues really.. he thinks it makes him smarter than all of us.. very sad..