Thursday, January 26, 2006

Want more?

"And what do you call such a person in your country Monsieur?"

"An Agent provaceteur."

So Shloe so Chispa so who ever you were working for the other
side - such childish behaviour. There is only one Steve Jones
talent such as his cannot be imitated, his life cannot be replicated.
You have either got it in aces like the Sex pistols and their guitar hero or you haven't and what ever poxy radio station that you hale from, I aint interested. Which fave punk personage type would the JB bloggers like to see spinning the decks?
Answers on a postcard please or not...more :

I think Chispa is real - he has to convince the rest of you though.

"I think XXX should be a dj er radio jock
1st pipe behind the radiators
Victoria train Station...

Mark your envelope:

"I have an opinion on this"

Forget it man.

Cos all the answers say "Kutie Jones."
2nd choice is John Lydon...

AC. is becoming the love whale of the JB. blog.

I feel sorry for the personality known as Chispa.
Not more playlists arguments already!

On a serious note today in GB is Holocaust Memorial day to remember the Final Solution, there is a current debate doing the rounds with the Muslim council of GB whether this should aim for inclusiveness and remember also Srebenica and Rwanda. Genocide memorial day, the argument against is on the lines of...

"well, the Nazis and their helpers killed on an industrial scale so that makes this event unique."

Mass murder is still mass murder, whether it is along the train track, in a pit in Eastern Europe, from the sky or with a machete in Africa.

Remember that!

Serious mode off.

There is always somebody who wants to just ruin the blog all the time. First there was the imposter and then Shloe came staggering in and now Chispa sucked into it. This is my last post on the subject of blog abuse.

Miche I do worry about your obsessive adoration for what is at heart just another radio station. Mind you - I worry about my obsessive adoration for what is at heart a free fall exchange know as Jonesy's juke box blog where all are made welcome. Where friendliness and tolerance is extended so long as it is not extended to racist women hating men hating types who come up on the blog to disrupt it. If you want to disrupt, disrupt something more interesting! JR. sex education does not involve whether the navel is innie or outie :-) Oh I see what you mean....good one!

"I can't concentrate, can't love or hate, I don't feel straight..."

In a rut?

Read chris was anon and give your mind a treat.


multifacetsflux said...

i can't stop laughing!! GREAT WRITING!!! ::))))DDDDDD

Anonymous said...

ok, the ones with stems and the ones without... hows that? ;-)
always looking to make life a little wackier, if not easier to understand. x/o Jillllllllly