Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Myspace uk

This from my favourite techie site the register.

Looks like Mr Rupert plans to myspace the uk too.
God can you just imagine no its too horrible.

Other myspace links too on the page - well none of us posts objectionable content pictures to myspace do we, aside from that one of Max Splodge clutching a bottle of Jack's genuine old Nessabounds brand Kentucky whisky.

That one is an abomination unto the Lorrrrd and come the day of judgement you will surely spend eternity listening to the hell!

Chris was updated anon.


ChispaFilthyLucre said...

Hola CwA my name is ChispaFilthyLucre, the only name that I used at the moment in the blog to respect Jonesy and everyone in the blog,always with absolut sincerity,this is the kind of man that I am. ok?
I read in the blog: no respect to me,comparable with others names...
is it a game?
is it a sect?
can you show me my mistake?
I thought the people in the blog was real.
Espero que todo te vaya bièn
from Elche-Alicante-Spain

Chris was Anon said...

The problem is Chispa that the bloggers do not believe you and as they blog much more frequently than either you or I, I have to agree with them and suspect that the imposter who plagued the blog and has multiple personalities is you and I am extremely handsome and I am extremely handsome and have shit for brains, the remarkable Shloe and even the forgotten Mr. Jones. If I am wrong and I have been wrong b4 on many things than accept my apologies but you have to accept that I have to go with majority opinion here.

There is no mistake you have made.

Who is real?

nevah! Flora! Alison! Jewell! JR!

and many others. I think that you are real or as real as anybody can be who sits behind a computer somewhere in the world, they alas do not. I won't post concerning this subject on my blog again. I personally think that you might be real - however I refused to accept the non existence of Father Christmas for a long time.