Saturday, January 14, 2006

The weekend is here...

Welcome back to chriswasanon. A curious thing. This page gets hits from 0 second staying surfers - what's that about?

Spambots, cannot physically enter comments here but as they in the main are dumb asses who use special software, you the reader are safe from the hell of Viagra, web cams, "my wonderful web page," dodgy rolexes, the lads from Lagos, C1alis, meds, get rich quick schemes and all the other el totale alleged rip-off bollockos from the desk of the head of the Baluchistan is alleged too that you should think carefully b4 using ticketmaster.

Bush is an idiot? Bit of a dolt? Personality of a house brick?
Some chairs were thrown,the place opened up. A woman La Presidente, good thing? bad thing? Well I think Hillary Clinton may be coming... Mrs. T did little for this "no such thing as society" and as for her idiot son lost in the desert...Rip it up and start again...

That old stoner of up in smoke and many other cannabis classics Chong, laid it on the line, the airwaves roaring larfter with that happy sound of Captain Steve Jones. Sometimes I read between the lines. I didn't catch the show but it sounded like a goody - thank you Steve - thank you Shovel - thank you Indie 103.1 fm. for the blog and letting us all play. The show ended up on the Steve blog in what I might describe (filching and bastardising) the headline from a Sex Pistols show in 1978 as a: "pie guitar political fracas." Only there were no pies, apart from pie and peas. :-)

I am an admirer of Ted Richard's "Forty Year old Hippie" healthy shit stirring. He is a part of a different take on Society by such 60's and 70's artists as R. Crumb, Skip Williamson, Jay Lynch, Gilbert Shelton. Some are of course still making people laugh. Richard's first creation was Dopin Dan and you can read all about him on his website, check the links. It was The Underground psychedelic comix crew. These were X. rated comics my dears, that dealt with unmentionable subjects like drug taking and sex. When I was young and in my decline, Fat Freddy, Smoot, Wonder Warthog, Mr Natural all fun, all spoke to my condition. Then along came those early VIZ comics out of Newcastle and how we laughed. The forty year old one did seem impossibly aged when I first read him in an underground bookshop. I was just a punky child person and now lookie here, I'm forty odds and fifty lurks around the corner and I'm still a child person. Scatological tale from the "Forty year old Hippie" The deserved classic "potty monster" - haaaaaar haaaar larfs like a drain. Look at those free flowing lines, the sense of humour just oozes from this strip!

potty monster here

the computer strip from Richard's and part two of the story the crunchy computer itself.

Pyramid power - yeah - 200 trips and they've all been bummers - yeah.

Steve called Shovel a "Jacobite" cos he didn't have the first "Poxy" music album. Well I says: with due respect "God Save the Jacobites." The souls of the many dead of the 1745 rebellion, hung drawn and quartered after pitching their lot in with Bonnie Prince Charlie. As the Gaelic songsters put it, "a people know who their rightful king is!" After Culloden came the sorrows. Proscription. No kilt, no bagpipe and the beginning of forced emigration. Even though An Prionnsa (The Prince) was basically not really Scottish and ended up a wife beating depressive alkie who burst into tears everytime someone mentioned his beloved Highlanders. The end of the adventure was far far from the palace of Holyrood house. A noble wight indeed was Prince Charles Edward Stuart,la toast of the Edinburgh lassies as they wheeled around the ballroom at Holyrood with the Scottish capital having surrendered without a shot, "shall we dance Ladee Isobel?" Then came the long march to Derby and the even longer one back to Culloden Moor and the end.

There is a flower, the English call it, "Sweet William." The Scots name it "Stinking Billy." It was named after the Hanoverian Duke William of Cumberland, the butcher of Culloden Moor. There are better links but that's a start. rant mode off / or on \ what do these html switches meaaaaaaan?

Shloemoe continues to fret about sexuality, dream analysis anyone? The Shloe is talented, he should be writing drama scripts. We need a new President and I think Shloemoe would do fine! His policies are not completely set out yet but that will come...

Thank God you do not live in a blue State and if you do...why are you reading this, its probably illegal. DEATH TO TELEVISION!!! a bas le paranoia paradise television!

Mebbe I should get Muzz to make me up an Anarchy minus the swastikas of course with that sewn into it.

Thats it.

That was the chriswasanon blog and my big ups.

JR. - nope Dave's not here maaaaaaaan.

Floratina - "politics" from 2 words, polly or parrot and ticks therefore someone into politics is a creepy little thing who talks a lot of rubbish. Thanks to Barry Cryer.

Chispa - Got to get back to Spain my man.

Shloe - A talented blogger

Miche - Love this woman!

The pie. - Sex Pistols are God and disco sux!

The pod - Somnambulistic blogtastic!

The nevah - Hooked!

The jewel - Well - you are

The Sovel - I like to see him post.

Absent, Alison, psychic vamp, Gail...

If I've missed you the blog is so slowwww to load and longgggg to read, I can't cope with the scroll. "New blog," oh webmaster...they asked nicely...

Good day! may your God go with you (Dave Allen).


multifacetsflux said...

*lol*'s so good to read this view from the outside in!! thanks CwA..

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Chris. Alison here (I forgot password).

Back from road trip to Arizona. Gorgeous skies, lovely desert and lots of old punk on the stereo. The cactuses were pogoing to the Pistols, X, the Clash, etc.

Alas, no Jonesy's Jukebox tho. So thanks for the history lesson and the show update. Can't get the blog to load at home. Musta been some chat!

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome back to home where ever that may be Alison, its good to know that the US SW, is still relatively unspoilt and I only know this from the other's halfs 5 year sojourn in that neck of the woods having never been there myself. The bloggers will i unison give you a big yayyyyy when you start blogging again, for sure!


Gidget Goes to Hell said...


Where ya been my friend? Haven't seen you post in awhile. I hope all is well with you!