Sunday, March 25, 2007

From Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Steve: I’ve got breaking news…breaking news. Very important, did you hear? Oh, Jesus. You didn’t hear? Oh, my God.
I’m in Tom’s Top 8!

Chuck: I knew that.

Steve: You knew that?

Chuck: Yeah.

Steve: How’d you know that?

Chuck: I heard about it, so I went and checked it out.

Steve: Who told ya?

Chuck: Somebody mentioned it on a blog somewhere.

Steve: Oh…(sings)

I’m in Tom’s Top 8

Yes I’m in Colonel Tom’s Top 8
You know how hard it is to be
in Tom’s Top 8

I didn’t even have to take my trousers down

to end up in Tommy’s World
and I didn’t have big onions
with a website oh no

Tom, Tommy Boy oh Tommy Boy
How long will I be there Tom
Up with the best of them
Please don’t take me out of the 8
I will have to go to rehab for it

Tom you’re the One
You’re the Number One of the friends
You’re everybody’s friend
Oh Tommy Boy
Oh Tommy Boy
Oh, oh Tommy Boy
Leave it straight in your Top 8

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