Thursday, March 29, 2007

More About Deer 3-28-07

Steve: You know I have deer. Did I tell you this? I have deer on a constant basis in my back yard, just hanging out by the pool. Just grooming, having a slash, just picking the gnats off ‘em and just hanging out. And then having a little munch on the ivy. But that must mean that I have good vibes, cos they pick up. I literally stand there staring at them through the window cos they can’t see me from the reflection. I’m like, so close to ‘em and their ears, constantly moving to pick up sound. Like, they’re just constantly like turning around you know. I thought I had sensitive ears. Maybe mine move. I haven’t really looked, when I’m listening for things. Maybe they move. But deer’s ears…oh deer. Your ears, they just don’t stop moving. I love deers, though. I don’t understand why people want to shoot them. Think it’s some big challenge, killing a deer from like, 500 yards. Why don’t you go and do it to a tiger, or something? And then when you miss, he comes running after you and it’s a fair fight. But helpless deers, I don’t get it. And it’s so “macho”, its such a “macho” thing, too. Pussies.

Oh deer, what can the matter be
Oh deer what can the matter be
Oh deer what can the matter be

You can hang out in my pad
You can pick the gnats off your back
You can have a slash and destroy my grass
With your piss stains

I love you, deerie
You look so sweet Bambi
Hanging out by the pool area
With the rest of your family

I think there are at least four of you
Two of you are bigger than the rest of ya
That means you must be the children
Because you don’t have any horns

Is it dry up there in the mountains
Is that why you come down to (the)
domestic world at Steve’s gaff
I hope you enjoy the ivy

It’s better in your stomachs
Than for me to look at
Because it looks so very pretty
So pretty so pretty poison ivy

Oh deer, what can the matter be
Oh deer what can the matter be
Oh deer oh deer oh oh deer.

Steve: I’m gonna play a bit of…a mixture of stuff today. I brought a lot of glam, a lot of…I haven’t played glam in a long time but I’m gonna start off with a bit of ol’ Mika. I know…I’m Mika mad but I think he’s a talented little bloke and he has a good fashion sense, too. Even though he doesn’t like football.

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