Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Sword Of Bryan Ferry 3/23/07

Steve: I, me, Man Who Can, has the new Bryan Ferry album in his hand. “Dylanesque”, it’s called. It’s Bryan Ferry doing all Dylan songs: “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”, “Simple Twist Of Fate”, “Make You Feel My Love”, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, “All I Really Want To Do”, “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”, “Positively Fourth Street”, “If Not For You”, “Baby Let Me Follow You Down”, “Gates Of Eden” and “All Along The Watchtower”. On Virgin Records and tapes.

I love Bryan Ferry. I’m sorry, I have a weakness for his Prince Charles look. (begins to strum his guitar delicately) He reminds me of a royalty man. Please knight me, Bryan. Put your sword above me, your broadsword. Caress my head with it…(sings)

Bryan, Bryan lay your sword upon my head
Oh Bryan ferry across the Mersey oh
Bryan, you are like a lion
You’re the main man who put the music
in Roxy Music

You big monkey, big monkey
Life of Bryan
You remind me of Prince Charles
With a plum in your throat
And the rights to the songs
that you wrote
on all your solo records

You are the man who can
You’re alongside
Oh Bryan when you gonna come
on ze Box to visit the other Man Who Can

Oh Bryan, Bryan
I love ya

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