Sunday, February 26, 2006

The management is sick of managing a successful rock 'n' roll band, the band is sick of being a succesful rock 'n' roll band

destroying record companies and burning venues is more creative than making it.

The famous press release after the split in SF in 1978. Which was even more famously withdrawn soon after...

Rock n roll hall of fame

So the Sex Pistols aren't coming - stick your award up your arse...apparently. Its the Rock 'n' roll hall of flame....and there goes another one shot down in flames.

"Ich muss out, steiger out!"

Congrats for making it John, Steve, Paul, Glen but double cream congrats for telling them that there is no change and no change is sexy - right Mr. Wobble?

It is the finest tradition of dissidence isn't it, or couldn't they be bothered to rehearse "Bodies" one more time? Its KLF. style, its CRASS, its alternative. Its a big fcuk off to the music biz probly...well what is it. Is is it similiar to "Kiss this" when everyone thought that a re-union was on the cards and the river boat was pulled out of retirement, for all the media to see...

the Scottish Sex Pistols?

Other news, Shloemoe created a clone blog...nobody wanted to play there. Steve Jones started to delete everyone in his friends who wasn't a top eight - can you believe that? I continue to have computer PrObLeMs. America wants to take over the world, apparently. Perhaps it doesn't and who wants the world anyway - not me. Tony Blair in fine euphemism mode calls Guano bay an "anomaly". Robbers get away with a dirty hot (clean and cool it's not) 40 million in quid due to laxness amongst crew and it seems to me that the only place that you will find the true voice of the people nowadays is in the letters column of a broadsheet newspaper. Give me Floratina - or give me death! She is the TraNscriber and my name is not Malcolm Mclaren...

Weather news - something about Greenland freezing Scotland and feeding snow showers down the East Coast of England. Look to the skies!!!

Where did my traffic go...

More later.

Thanks to Jade for the image...



Scottish Toodler said...

You are one busy blogger!!! Just dropped in to say hi and see what was up.

Anonymous said...


i have mixed feelings
its a good day for "punk"
a bad day for Jones..
he could show those punters
that he is #39 - no, better.
He is a great guitarist and fuck everyone who said the sex pistols were no talent... I want to see the Pistols stick it to them in that way... YOU DO UNDERSTAND?!
xx/oo cheers chris
Jilly "jr"

Quean Douglas said...

Steve Jones removing everyone who did not have him in their top 8 friends? He had always been in my top 8 friends and he withdrew his friendship. I would be devastated if I weren't ticked off.

Chris was Anon said...

Hello Scottish nice to see you doing the rounds.

Yes quite possibly Jilly but it wouldn't make much difference to music biz attitudes anyway which I think was the point that John was making. But I do understand for sure

but to see the Pistols go up on stage and be cheered and clapped by these people around a table and then give out acceptance speeches seems a bit too much like showbiz to me.

Perhaps Steve wanted to collect the award, I expect some kind of decision was reached anyway.

Thanks for postaging.


Chris was Anon said...

There will be more on the deletion on the next cwa Quean Douglas.

Thanks for posting!