Saturday, March 04, 2006

No Future the remix.

Your correspondent writes....

Can you believe that? Jeffry Archer has written another book.

The bulk of the money nicked in the Kent raid is still missing.

Sunny day here in Galloway.

Now I need to know something, what should I do with this blog - where is it going? Well I have decided that it is time to change.

I have a confession -I coined the phrase "blogstars." I did not intend it to become the name of a myspace group - it was a pun on blogster or blogger and it took the place of the famous five core term for the inner sanctum group of bloggers that used to blog on the...well you know the sorry tale, or you wouldn't be here, would you?

Good morning blogstars!

That was how it started and now for me, the rot has set in.

Who cares about the poxy blog anyway? It's scone now. I cared a lot, a lot of you did.

Gail did - NYC was the first.
Nevah did - he was a she and Queen of the Garam Masala
JR did - she wore knackered knickers and a V1agra day!
Jewell did - she was the shiny and a lot of Lol :-)
AC did - he came on like a lion but became a little lamb
Irish Scots did - she was no Rotterateer
Car did - Oh Carol trip like I said to
Floratina did - she poured her love into her transcriptions
I am extremely handsome did but he didn't have shit for brains!
Mr Jones did - but he wasn't the Shepherd's Bush goal machine!
Shloemoe did - he was an annoyance and yet...
Chispa did - he claimed to be from Alicante
Rotter did - he swore across the Internet
Mrs Rotter Maddie did - a groovy kind of love.
Alison did - she danced with me over the Web.
Aunty Chrissy did - thanks for postin'
Pie did - he was love God of the Blog
Steve did - he was the Jackanapes behind the scene
Shovel did - he kept the deejay at the decks
Tricky did - he had a Lotus in the Sussex hedgerows
Zero did - FCKU Banzai kiss.
Thepsychicvampyre did - close and play his way.
Minx did - Minnie and her Beano
Ramona did - she was my Sharona
Glass did - he reformed the London SS.
Tstetse fly did - he was a dangerous buzz
Iggy did - he didn't approve though
Pete Townshend did - didn't he?
StuartMM did - and he still does!
Gidget did - Happy Birthday Gidget!!!
Jack did - well maybe...
Jade did - thanks for postin'
Indie 103.1 did - they had us covered!
ZZZZZZZZ did - but with a sharp knife
Glenn O did though he is more often found in the shack
Scottish Toodler did - big titz across, eh ST?
Craig and Vortex did - what an anoraky!
Michebel did - I don't doubt it.

If I missed you, do you know how much we miss the blog

See it wasnae aboot wha ye liked it was just about bloggin'

You DO understand, don't you???

Thanks for all the comments.

It was lots of fun but it is time for me at least to say "that's over" move on, moving on involves well er moving on. In future this blog will not be a blog about a blog or a blog about the bloggers. There were a lot of posts here,a lot of words, a rash attempt to summarise as an outsider not from Californi.i.ay the theatre totale that was the Steve Jones blog - we will remember ALL who blogged on the blog, the regulars, the irregulars and the downright anonymous!

Chriswasanon knows who killed Bambi - do you?

This blog will continue to host Tina the Transcriber.

"Fanx for readin'!"

FANX to you all!



Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good time, that blog. What have we become, indeed?


rotter said...

I'm still a cun't.

Alison said...

have I told you lately that you're the man who can? well, you are! it's been fun. and you'll be there Thursday (at least in spirit) for the Kimmel show.

cheers from chilly el eh,

Anonymous said...

good political thriller...
thanks CWA
enjoyed meself and every other person... even
i am extremely handsome and his mate(?) I am the most beautiful girl you will ever meet....

Gidget Goes to Hell said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, CwA....Jules and I had a ripping good time on Friday (well, she more than me as I napped in between tearing through the pit) but it was all good fun....


rotter said...

A huge thanks to Tina for the hard work and time spent she has put into this blog.Good work kiss meeeeee! ..sincerly,RoTT.

Anonymous said...

Hey it was fun, it was a blast. At least everyone is talking to one and another, and everyone is still having fun. That is way more cool than anything else. Tina and Chris just rock and rule house.

Blessed be,