Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The TrAnScribEr...

Welcome back to chriswasanon.

Chriswasanon will host Floratina's transcriptions of the show.

Floratina was the transcriber of the Jones blog who gave us all a 2nd chance to resavour the wit and wisdom and wackiness of, Steve, Mr. Sovel and the guests. So I am gawsh damn over the moon to have the opportunity to publish the latest unseen transcriptions here.

I do not know when this show was broadcast if I get any info I will add it it in. It deals with the bitter blow of the loss of the blog.

Without further chriswasanonness I give yew the tremedously talented totally toptabulous, terrific TrAnScRiBer.

Steve: Do we…we don’t have a blog anymore, do we?

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: Is that the end of it?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know.

Steve: I got s…I got a lot…a few emails on the blog saying, “What’s going on?” and like, “We’re having withdrawals”, I think. What is going on with it? Just too many people cursing?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, I don’t know. I had nothing to do with that.

Steve: You had nothing to do with it?

Mr. Shovel: Nope.

Steve: Why ain’t it there anymore then? Know that reason?

Mr. Shovel: Nope.

Steve: Can’t speak. Shovel’s lips are sealed. I can’t pry it out of him.

No More Bloggy

No more Bloggy
No more Captain’s Blog
It’s gone awry
Too much obscenity
Out of control on the Blog Star
Blog starship
Is no longer

Start your own blog
Is what I suggest
At some other place
Maybe MySpace
Start your bloggy
Start your engines
Get bloggin
With the Monty Python blogteam
Yeahhhh (thanks for listnin)

Thank you Floratina. Everyone please enjoy! Her next transcript in the next groovy ish will be the one about the top 8 deletion frenzy.

BTW I kept Steve at the top 8, never moved him - he is the reason for my existing, without Steve I would be pontiffless - which is No FuN.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box!

Floratina/ Chriswasanon joint production.

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Anonymous said...

thanks you guys!
cuz i missed the show..
1 million kudos.
miss ya


rotter said...

quit your pis'sin and moanin.....

Anonymous said...

As Chris was sayin', the bits dealing with the MS deletions are coming soon.

Thanks for posting these, Chris!


Chris was Anon said...

Does anybody else want to have a shot at transcribing too hosted here of course...