Thursday, March 02, 2006

Top 8 only...Tina is the TrAnScRiBer Complete Pontiffism

Can you believe that? - Glass has made Steve an Untersturmfuhrer in the SS. Instead of swastikas we have the number 8 and speaking of number 8's were you one of the friends that Steve deleted from myspace? No not you Rotter - I saw your schurmz cap thing with the totenkopf.

This transcript is for you who heeded the call of Steve so please once again put your mouse, your keyboard, your trackball and yore hands together for the scintillating, the scandolously superb transcendental transcriber


My Space Wednesday, February 22

Steve: I was on the ol' MySpace last night. I'm getting bored with it...I'm getting bored with the MySpace. I'm starting to delete people. My new thing is now, is I had twenty-seven hundred-something friends and what I'm doing now is I'm deleting the ones that I ain't in their Top 8. That's what I'm doing now. And out of about, which I did yesterday - it's kind of a pain to do, 'cause you have to look in their thing to see if you're in their Top 8...and I went through about seventy and there was about twelve that I was in their top eight. So that's what I'm going to do until like they're completely gone and I just have people that have me in their Top 8. Otherwise, it's like, what's the point? Who cares if you have a million friends? A million friends for what? I just want people...people who have come to be my friend, right? I didn't go looking for them.

Mr. Shovel: You've become a MySpace Snob.

Steve: I'm a MySpace Loyalist. Yes. *MY*space (Mr. Shovel starts laughing). Do you understand? So if I'm not in your Top 8, you will be eliminated. You do understand, don't you? You will be no longer part of my quadron. It's written in the quatrains! Nostradmus...that you will be eliminated from Jonesy's Space. He said so, fifteen hundred years ago. Are you getting with it?


You will be eliminated if (I'm) not
in the Top 8
I'm not interested
to have you for a friend
if I'm in the back
of your friends

There's only so many friends you have
that are your Friends
MySpace is my space
and it's not your space
Find your own bleedin' space
I'm anti-space
I'm in the black hole of space
I don't need you just for a laugh
I want serialist-relationship spaces
I'm not your WhimSpace
I'm not any space
I'd rather be up in space
on MySpace

(Mr. Shovel drops in a bit of audio from some sci-fi movie here: Voice ..1: "Contact?"
Voice ..2: "We're ready, General"
Voice ..1: "That you Steve? You've been out in space two days now. Got anything to report?")

(Steve resumes singing)

My space, oh, it's the milky way of MySpace
One million light-years to find
You can take your stripper's little websites
'cause I'm not interested in it
'cause there's no, nothing
that I'm gonna get anyway
just to fulfill your little websites
you can go and shove it
No one wants ya anyway

It's not about the numbers
It's about the quality of your friends
your compatability with dimensions
coming out'cha

Oh MySpace
It's my space

(Voice ..1: "There's a whole universe out there Steve. The totally unknown, beyond anyone's comprehension. We try to figure it out, kids, but...we never can.")

My space
paper lace
funny face
and the human race
in my space

my space

MySpace Part 2 Thursday, February 23

Steve: So, I'm having so much fun deleting people on MySpace. It's so much fun.

Mr. Shovel: You've got yourself quite a quandary.

Steve: Well, not really. I mean, there's even friends, like real friends that I know that don't have me in their Top 8, and I'm getting rid of them. I don't want thousands of friends. I just want dedicated friends.

Mr. Shovel: You realize that real, true friendships are ended on this 'politics of the Top 8'.

Steve: Yes. That's fine with me. If someone wants me, the Hall of Famer, Jonesy's Jukebox, Sex Pistolero, Man Who Can to just shove in the back of many thousands, you've got another thing coming. I've got to be in the Top 8.

plays to the tune of "Another Thing Coming"
I'm gonna give it up
I'm not gonna be at the back with everyone else
I'm the Man Who Can for two hours a day
If I'm not in the Top 8 you can go bye bye hey hey

Steve: I think there's going to be a prize. I think I'm going to give something out for all the ones who I'm in their Top 8. I'm going to give them a nice little gift. When I get rid of all the other fairweathers on MySpace.

Mr. Shovel: And what would that gift be?

Steve: That’s a surprise…

Mr. Shovel: Sticker?

Steve: Maybe something. I don’t see anyone else on MySpace giving things away, do you? CD’s of their two-bob bands, that might be it. Do you think that’s bad, what I’m doing, Shovel, on MySpace?

Mr. Shovel: No. You’re rewriting the rules of MySpace etiquette…

Steve: Yeah, MYspace. MY. MY, not all the other fifty million spaces, MY bleedin’ space. Now, if I ain’t in your Top 8, you will be removed.

Joint Floratina and Chriswas production.

PS. Next one up stepping will be the sausage song...and I will tell you why transcripts are such a fabby thing.


rotter said...

Hilarious...but I'm still defying him.

jadeb said...

Thanks for this--can't wait to read the sausage one. Another classic from ze pontiff!

Anonymous said...

i missed this all when i was in nevada
thanks flor and chris



Doug Ross said...

Can you please tell me what Sci-Fi movie those quotes are from?

Like "There's a whole universe out there Steve. The totally unknown, beyond anyone's comprehension. We try to figure it out, kids, but...we never can."

I run a website dedicated to finding the sources of samples used in popular music, here:

That sample is used in a track by "Young American Primitive", called "Over and Out", and I've been looking for the source of that quote for years.

Thank you!