Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From July 25 - At the Mercy of The Elements

Tina here. We have been very busy here at CWA, what with bi-continental transcripturizing and conjecturing and all. Today is a Bunker day, hopefully one of many. Mr. Shovel will be recording the musical guests all professional-style as well as taking pictures with his Helio and posting them to MySpace, yes Meester?

Did I mention, Helio? Take pictures, write messages and post them directly to your MySpace right from your Helio "device" (you'd better not call it a #@&*!! phone, you bastids).

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. Four minutes after twelve bells, on a very hot, very hot, hot, hot, hot day. (tuning his guitar as he speaks here) It’s so hot, my street is on fire…and I’m here, watching it on the tv as it burns. Not my house, but it’s getting close. It’s going in the direction of my house, though. It’s making me a little nervous if I’ll have, if I can go home after the doing The Box today. And it’s so funny, coincidentally, all the songs today are about weather…fire and ice and moons and storms and rainbows and here we go – fires…(he’s in-tune). Funny, huh? The powers that I have and don’t even know it. I just hope that my gaff don’t burn down. Tomorrow’s um…we’re gonna do um, live from The Bunker…The Buzzcocks, from a secret location. We're going to be recording and The Box is going to be somewhere else, recording The Buzzcocks for two hours tomorrow. That’s Wednesday. I believe they’re playing tomorrow night at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Is that correct?

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: Um, okay. Let’s get the ball rolling. See, that’s the great thing about when you can do a show live and you’re not some piped idiot who’s talking about something that happened a week ago. You can get on the ball and do things as things happen, as they should be. So, let’s play a Talking Heads song. This song is called, “Burning Down The House”.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: It’s funny, the theme today was basically, the weather. Heat, ice, rain…you know, the kind of…because we’re all in the mood for the weather right now, with what’s going on with all this madness, heat all over the country – pretty much anywhere where it’s summer, it’s record hot, record heat things. And I know it’s trendy to talk about it, but (it’s) got to make you wonder if the old global warming thing is actually happening. I don’t want to be one of them ones who…what do they call it, getting on the new, trendy bandwagon, but I also don’t want to be one of them people who are in denial about it, either. So, you know, I’ve been watching a lot of shows on the Discovery Channel, the Al Gore documentary, various other documentaries and I guess they wouldn’t be doing them…they’re doing them for a reason. You know, they’re not just doing it for something else to talk about. Unfortunately, I personally don’t see U.S. and a lot of other countries, anything about it until it’s too late because we love to scoff. Scoff everything, you know. So…and me, included. I don’t want to do much change. But unfortunately, I can’t see any other way. Unless you get governments behind it, to do something about it, which I don’t think this government is going to do anything about it. Um, the Kyoto Treaty, everyone wanting to get together and do something about that and America just kind of told them to go kiss their asses, so. You know, that’s not a good sign. Who knows? I don’t know what’s going on, I’m just putting it out there. So that was basically the theme today, about weather and that’s where I come up with the idea. So, we’re going to visit The Duke and we’ll be right back and I’ll let you know if my house if burnt down at this point. Thanks for listening.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Thank you, Mr. Fireman
by Steve Jones

I think my house is safe for now
It doesn’t look like it’s burning down
The firemen are on the ball and they’re saving houses
All around

Thank you Mr. Fireman, you do such a wonderful job
You need to get more wages and the old bill, as well
Even the ambulance and their chasers need to get paid too
And all of the teachers down on Fairfax High School
And Hollywood

They get paid peanuts, something is wrong there
I wouldn’t do it if you paid me
The price of a millionaire.

Me, I’m so lucky
I have a cushy job
I’ve gotta count my blessings

Oh please, God don’t let my house go
It’s got everything in there
All my Playstation games
And all of my porno tapes

I got an extra case of ice cream
And the fridge can’t
get another thing in it

And all my belongings
and stockings
and high heels

So thank you Mr. Fireman
You done a good job today
I’m going to drop off some money
And give it to the fire station

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah


Lintella said...

When I was listening to Jonesy talk about fires and burning, I couldn't hear him clearly (poor radio reception). I thought he said that his arse was on fire, his arse was burning.

floratina said...

That's right. You could also "fry an egg on his arse"!