Sunday, July 23, 2006

The 2 Paul Cook transcripts are now available...coming soon "space time...a fusion

between the concepts of space and time." The Shaman "Space Time."

Er where there is apparently an 8 hour time difference...

Tina and chriswasanon have done it again!!! The 31.8.05 and the 9.9.05 shows when Paul Cook came into the studio are now available at Phil's site, Kick down the doors

These two pieces we all think made a fitting birthday celebration for Paul.

Well now here at the chriswasanon - you absolutely know that it is our mission statement to bring you the best bits of Jonesy's Jukebox in a handy transcriptural form. The bits with the High Pontiff himself, the very blessed Steve Jones and Mr. Mark Shovel, the very Right Reverbrend wizard and not forgetting the best bits with the guests. That is what we do. Best bits.

In the CwA News.

It's very hot over in California at the mo - so stay cool and collected if you are in a swelter zone.

Coming soon - iminient soon. "Space," the recent odyssey prog that Steve ran through your ears.

Still to come!

Transcribing "speaking in tongues." The solution. You'll see, oh yes.


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