Saturday, October 31, 2015

Welcome back to Chriswasanon, the blog about a...First the goss that's fit to publish. Myspacer Pauly Poos was snapped recently in London standing next to Cookie.  I think that photo op was connected to a recent highly successful gig by the Professionals at the 100 Club in London. No sire on the guitar though.

Last night my good friend Alison posted upon facebook that Jonesy's juke box was back.  Exciting news! Then total co-pilot of this ole blog Tina got back to me, telling me it was NOW!  This time its to be found on something very SOCal and streamey called, "" At a similar tyme to the 12 bells of yore too, right Steve?  Although, he's only doing one show one day a week.  That day is Friday!  Sorry Jewelly. :-(   FRIDAYS NOON UNTIL 2 PM.  Cali time.  So 8pm till 10pm UK time.

Now back to the blog.  Last time we left the Rat Scabies interview I was feeling guilt struck because Rat scabies himself had told me to post the rest of his interview and I still had not.  Heh...

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