Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who are you?

A teaser for something cool to come,  Before we get started, where on Earth have all the links on this page gone. Does anyone care that there are no longer any links?   Perhaps the only link really needed is to Stuart MM's Jonesy's Jukebox page.  Who are you?  I am CwA!  Fortunately positing that question nowadays does not result in an armed with a solarizer pepperpot-cum pedal powered dustbin getting all "exterminatey."  Example below.


RobertKP said...

Ouch, that's gonna sting in the morning! Hey CWA, I was checking my links & thought I would say hello! I should be heading for bed but I'm going to try to listen to at least the first half hour of Jonesy's Jukebox before I nod off. Toodles!

Chris was Anon said...

Sounds like a good plan RKP, how was the show? I missed it due to not knowing it was on until it was over...but there is another 12 bellz next Friday.