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SPECIAL last part of the Rat Scabies interview and xciting news of Steve's new show, post!

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This post knocks the previous one off.  In case you didn't get it, Jonesy's jukebox is back and here is everything you need to know. 12 bells FRIDAYS 12 Noon to 2.PM. if you are in Sunny Californiay, That'll be 'til in Blighty.


A full playback with the Duke (Duke of Kent=Rent or the station advertising along with the playlists stripped out is available for listening pleasure) on the KLOS website.  Steve chatted on the Rock of Southern California on Friday 30th October 2015 with the station stalwart Bob Coburn. Then to the old Generation X front man, Billy Idol who popped in for a blether.  The Sire recommended his Instagram account as being highly entertaining viewing and it is!!!

Now you know.

Click annotated picture for full details.

Stone, Keith Richards was on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs last week and I couldn't help but wondering... Has the broadcast media ever forgiven Steve for "coating off" Bill Grundy and playing that incendiary riff to God Save the Queen?  Well if the program planners at Desert Island Discs ever do, "pencil him in" then what would the lad from the Bush's top 10 choices of records be? I'd like to hear ole Jonesy chatting with Kirsty Young whilst choosing the top 10 tunes he'd keep himself occupied with when kicking his heels in desert island discs land.

So with "nearly" all the news that's fit to publish out of the way!  Here at LAST is (nearly) that final part of the "Rat Scabies visits the box" (for your reading pleasure,) interview.  'Ere can you remember that far back?  Part 2 is here  & part one is here  

Steve's favourite nosh-up place when he is back in the Smoke, Cookes pie and mash shop in Shepherds Bush has now (very recently) closed its doors and like for the final time. Not, not, not cos there is a steward's enquiry into "who ate all the pies." and it will be back tomoz.  It wont.  Its sad news.

The people wants pie 'n' mash!

I  was thinking of suggesting that Steve should come up and see us old "Farmers" in Norwich as they do serve pie and peas here on the Norwich market.  But it ain't the same, there's nae mash, there's nae mysterious "liquor" either.  There's mint sauce or pepper to be had though for the licker of Lichtenstein.

A very smart apron.

Steve "the Sire" did command us long ago to write his sayings down as you will see at the end of this interview and we have followed that order as faithful acolytes and presumably some vaguely worthy-ish jackanapes.  That's sort of where the whole not so silly billy idea for transcribing the shows came from. And dear Tina my co-pilot upon this blog was the originator of the transcribing caper. Not me. Its been some hard work trying to get all the words right but it is worthy work.  None of these interviews have been made up  ;-)

Way back in the days of yore there was Indie 103.1  A radio station that did make broadcasts out of Wilshire Avenue in Los Angeles, to LA.  Orange County and some environs and to the World thanks to the clever tubes of the Interwebs. And it did host a show piloted by one Steve Jones called "Jonesys Jukebox."  with assistance from Mark Sovel.  Which was a Good Thing. The reception for this fine stn was notoriously spotty in The City of Angels and Fools and Jackanapes. So streaming the show over the web was also a Good Thing.

There was a kind of rolling blog on the station's website that was open and uncensored whilst the show was being broadcast live. After it too.  Well that thing got so full of our comments, bizarre, astute, off-topic, rude, loving, friendly, our shout outs,  our jokes and our rolling banter that it ended up taking simply ages to load my dears. Or F5 for you windoze uzers.  Aye and especially on those slower old machines we all used to have to suffer/enjoy to connect to the people's Interwebs with.  In the end the blog on the website shut and many other blogs did shut that followed this show but this one and stuart mm's excellent blog  "jonesy's jukebox" have remained. You do understand, don't you?  Oh well.

Now it was a lovely sunny Cali day (as usual) on Wednesday 28 August 2005.  Mr Chris Millar was in the studio.  Steve was a pretty happy chappy as Chelsea (CFC) had beaten West Bromwich Albion in the footie. Aye.  A resounding 4.0. Here are the vital statistics for that day.

Lampard 23, 80; Joe Cole 43; Drogba 68 Attendance, 41,201.

Frank Skinner was not so chuffed though as the scabacious one aptly observed.  Maybe he looked like this?

Four Nil, gahhhhhhh.  Its Frank playing a part in DR WHO.

Last time we left this  Rat had said that little Jimmy Osmond was an "irritatin' little tick" Then Jones had remarked that the Hurdy Gurdy man himself had paid his "fine rat" (Scabies) in "ducats". Owed for on TOUR drumming duties with ...ole Mellow Yellow, Donovan.

Now Rat Scabies was the original drummer of a fine British "Punk Rock" outfit called The Damned. New Rose, Smash it up and so on.  If you don't know any of that stuff about the Damned, well you ken now.  Its probably worth reading the other parts of the interview.

Lets not tarry any further with preliminary pictures and explain that health and time permitting CwA! keeps his promises to post interviews.  So with out further broo ha ha, here it is . Hallow'een dedications to JR and to Aunty Chrissy and to Shloe and the Rotter and Jewelly and Chispa Filthy Lucre and Alison and Nevah and Pie and Mark Sovel and Stuart MM and Stuart Warwick AND dear Tina and Robert KP and Pauly Poos and that guy Et Al. And NYC GAIL and Irish Scots and Mishima and Steve Jones and Chris "Rat Scabies" Miller!  Ladies and gents is this the final bit of the Rat Scabies visits zer box 2005 interview? It is!!!

Part two is here  and part one is here

Remain blessed!  12 bellz is Friday 12 pm to  Time to knock it on zer 'ead!

Steve:  Do you still talk to any of the lads from the Damned?

Rat: Mmm, yeah sometimes, every now again.  Some of them more than others.

Steve: Who don't you get along with? The singer?

Rat:  Er, you know when you've been in a group with people and doing things together for so many years, you know much as you may want them out of your life you can't really do it cos you've still got interests and you know stuff going on that you're both involved with pays to keep a civil tongue in yer head sometimes, just to make it, you know...So and there's you know, I think its been so long now that the bitterness, resentment and animosity died away and its sort of left.

Steve: You grow up a little bit?

Rat: Well your life is too short isn't it, for all that?  Do I really care about feeling bad about something that is over and done with anyway?  You know I'm quite happy gettin' on with summink new.  Startin' over.  I've done all that bit now.

Steve: Do you think there will ever be a Damned reunion?

Rat: There's always talk about things like that.

Steve: Cos your one of the only few bands where the original members are still alive.  Other than the Pistols.

Rat: Yeah I know what would happen, soon as we say we'd reform one of them would pop their clogs or you know snuff it and...It'd never 'appen, (laughs) soon as we thought we'd 'ave a final pay day, it'd get shot out of the water or summink.

Steve: You guys could probably make a good packet with all the original guys.

Rat: Yeah, I, I dunno, its one of those things, its the 30 year anniversary next year, so obviously its the thing of like...well its the last chance to do it really cos there's not gonna be a forty year anniversary or a fifty, so its...People are talking about doing summink but like I say its always so up in the air with everyone, you've got a lot of fragile egos and a lot of people that are, you know, are doin' other things anyway.  So...

Steve: Yeah but this is like an earner.

Rat: Yeah, I wouldn't mind earnin' some money or summink.  But then again I wouldn't be particularly bothered if it didn't 'appen.

Steve: Yeah.

Rat:  That sounds really crap, dunnit?

Steve: What?

Rat: Well it sounds a bit negative, its sort of like, well you know the thing was really the Damned was me whole life and I was so devoted to playing in that group and lovin' bein' in that group and everythin' that went with it, when you get a divorce you kind of put all that on the back burner and you sort of deal with it and it doesn't mean as much to you.  So 'til I was actually in a room with Brian and Captain and that I wouldn't really know how I genuinely felt about playin' with them again.  And if you could still play the same way because I really don't think I could do something that was just going through the motions and being like: (unenthusiastic voice)

" 'ere we are, this is 'New Rose' "

And not playin' it very well or not you know doing the business and...

Steve: But I don't think you would do that I think you would just play it the way you took...that's what we did, Pistols when we did our reunion, we got in a room and started playin' and it was all great and we all enjoyed doin' it.  Them songs again you know?

Rat: Yeah I think that's the key innit?  You gotta get something back out of it.

Steve: When you're separated from each other and you don't talk, your heads just spin out of control.  As soon as you're all put in the room together its like you 'adn't broken up.  Its like you're right back there.

Rat: Really?  Is that how it was?

Steve: Yeah!

Rat: That's quite interesting cos I mean you 'ad yer fair share of problems didn't you?

Steve: Oh yeah...

Rat: With characters and not gettin' on and that so...

Steve: Course!

Rat: So did that all get resolved before you went back into play, or...?

Steve (Business like) It was just like, "Come on, we're gonna do this." And we all just got kinda stuck in and it was a lot of fun. We played for a year, we was on the road for a year.

Rat: Yeah I know, cos I was doin' stuff with Glenn before hand and a few things so I know it went in.  I know some of the things that was going on with it. I was quite surprised it really ' appened. I thought a fragile ego would stop it at some point.

Steve: Yeah.

Rat: But it never did.

Steve: No I think it was like we 'ad to prove it, that we could PLAY.

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Cos not a lot of people ever saw us.

Rat: No, no.

Steve: I'm sure a lot of people 'aven't seen you guys original line-up.

Rat: Well yeah, probably not...well its the same thing you know. Is Captain Sensible still like a menacing sort of, when Sensible used to go on stage he was like the joker you know.  He was like this out of control psychotic, you know the front row didn't feel safe.

Steve:  Right.

Rat: And I think that was all part of it, that there was that thing there and you know, people put on a few pounds and get a bit cuddly round the edge and their not really the dangerous sort of...well you know?

Steve: Well it'd be silly if it was the same as it was, tryin' to act like yer eighteen.

Rat: Well that's what gets me when I see old punks on telly and that doin' interviews.  They always try and pull this, "I'm still a rebel," card and...

Steve:  Stupid.

Rat:  Yeah, I just wanna turn off every time I see anyone do that.

Steve: Yeah, cos they're not bein' themselves.

Rat: Exactly!

Steve: They're actin' 'ow they think they should be actin.'

Rat: And its, "I've still got it, I'm..." you know and "I'm." My kids sit there and they look at some of them and they,

"this bloke's an idiot Dad."

And I'm like well not really but he doesn't know 'ow to behave in front of this camera.

Steve: He hasn't grown up, yeah?

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Do you live in London?

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: What area?

Rat: West London.

Steve: Where?

Rat: In Brentford.

Steve: Oh you do?

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Do you ever go to Brentford football matches?

Rat: No, very rarely but they're doin' the business this year I think.

Steve: They're doin' alright.

Rat: Well the manager's kickin' in and they've got a few quid goin' into it and the supporters are buyin' the club this year. So there's...You know there's big issues about them takin' over the ground for development and all of that so there's a kind of a...we might lose it we might not.  And I quite like 'avin'it there and I do support it but I don't really bother to go to the games cos its like you don't when you live round the corner.

Steve:  Yeah, yeah. Well I would if I supported them but you just don't support 'em.

Rat: Nah, not really.

Steve: Do you 'ave any favourite team - if you did like support a team - you'd support?

Rat:  No I did use to go up Chelsea and recently I been watchin' Man United but I don't.  Its not like I'm a fan or a supporter.  I enjoy watchin' a good game of football.  And I don't really care who it is playin' its why I like the World Cup and all that, cos they're the best players, its the best games and you're seein' top-class football.  But to be a supporter, its like a devotion and a life style innit, it is goin' to the games and it is standin' in the rain and when they lose, you know, standin' in the pub going: "uh"

Steve: Moanin' about it, yeah well that is all part of it.

Rat: And it is part of it.  I mean my local (local pub) is where they all go, you know. Its a football pub and they've all got Brentford tattoos and its you know and I like that thing that people are devoted to summink like that but I'm not.

Steve: You're a fan of pie and mash?

Rat:  Yeah.

Steve: When was the last time you 'ad pie and mash?

Rat: Coo, that'd be about five years ago.

Steve: Ah.  You're a fairweather then?

Rat: Well yeah.  But there ain't, where the pie and mash shops then?

Steve: Goldhawk road.

Rat: Where?

Steve: Cookes!  Goldhawk road right by the (what the) bloody hell's that. Animal? Bleedin' 'orse runnin down the... (a scuffle had been heard somewhere and startled the pair).

Rat: Somethin' in the airvent.

Steve: Summinks come out of the 'port'ole!

They both laugh.

Steve: You know where Shepherd's Bush market is in Goldhawk Road?

Rat: Yeah.

Steve:  There's one right there. Cooke's Pie and Mash shop.

Rat: I just didn't know that.

Steve: Just up the street from you, right?

Rat: It is.

Steve: Do you 'ave a car?

Rat: Nah, not in London, I don't bovver cos um...

Steve: Its a joke innit?

Rat: Really.

Steve: 'Specially if you go right in Central London.

Rat Yeah and I live near the station and all that and we got trains that are alright and I'll be in London in 25 minutes.

Steve: Can you get to the Goldhawk road, that's 'ard though innit?

Rat: Er that's a bit that 'ard...I get the 267 (bus) if I wanna do that.  And that can be a little bit more complicated.

Steve: They're closed on Mondays I think.

Rat: Are they?  Hmmmm.

Steve:  (Spooky voice). I command you.

Rat:  You can. get some liquor in you.

Rat:  Pie and Mish.

Steve: That's one of the things...

Rat:  You have it flown over?

Steve: I tried it once, it was a bit of a disappointment, they 'ad to freeze it.

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Then when it faws out, its a bit disappointin'

Rat:  What do you miss over here then?

Steve: What do I miss over there?

Rat: From, while you are here what do you miss from London?

Steve: I miss Pie and Mash and I miss football.  And I miss walkin'...

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: ...around.  I like to walk.  That's the great thing about London, you can just walk and walk and its great.

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Other than that, there's not a lot I miss.

Rat: Well yeah. I dunno 'ow much its changed now though. Probably as borin' as I am.

Steve: No, no.  I just like it 'ere.   I just like bein' 'ere.  I just go where I like and I dunno why I was drawn to sunny Southern California but I was.

Rat:  Well it is good 'ere innit?

Steve:  You know I dunno why I was drawn 'ere with all the crumpet and the er... (a text message alert sounds).

Rat: Fine foods?

Steve:  Fine foods.

Rat: Fast flash motors?

Steve: Miniskirts an' 'igh 'eels an'

Rat: Guitar shops?

Steve: Palm trees and...

Rat: Gold watches?

Steve: A lot of phoney people.  I dunno, I love it. I fit in.  Fit right in.  Young birds.

Rat: Mmmm.

Steve: Nice round arses.  Its excellent.

Rat: Well what other shape would they be then?

Steve: Well you do get some birds who 'ave flat arses.  That is such a turn off to me.  What kind of birds...?  Oh you're married.

Rat: I'm a married man, I am.

Steve: Can you talk about what kind of woman you like?

Rat:  Only the sort that are waiting for me at the hotel, Dave.

Steve: Excellent answer.  Its over!  Four Nil.  Chelsea won.

Rat: Frank Skinner will be gutted.

Steve: It sez 'ere that Suggs is comin' 'ere in September for some gigs.  From Madness.  He's at the game, he's at the Chelsea game.  OK. Are you ready to play some drums?

Rat: Well, table drums...

Steve: Of course.

Rat: Manage that. No sound check though so...

Steve:  When have you ever sound checked?

Rat:  Uh.  (faux put out) Huh Consumate professionals.

Steve: Oh yeah you played with the Hurdy Gurdy man, I'm sorry.   What are we giving away?  Devo tickets. 3 pairs of Devo tickets at "the house of everything but blues" in Anaheim.

I can't transcribe the whistling part, that would be plain stupid.  But the answer was the Rolling Stones.

They return:

Steve: You're listenin to Jonesy's jukebox on Indie one oh free one with my guest Rat Scabies from the Damned.  Hopefully you'll do a re-union and make some money and you'll all live happily ever after.   See the good thing is another thing I can tell you about from doing that on the road, you kind of make your terms.  Where you're not friends, you're doing this for a job and then after the show you can go and do your thing and you don't see them again until when you come back on stage the next day.  You don't have to all be in the van going up the M1. again.

Rat: No, that's really a terrifying thought innit.

Steve: You know what I mean?

Rat:  Yeah, no...

Steve: Cos yeah I think you could make some...when was the last time you guys originally played, the Damned.  With original line up with Brian James?

Rat: Oh, well that was what, that must have been '78 or something...I don't know, no, no, wait, wait, we did a re-union tour didn't we around '86 or something.

Steve: That's still a long time ago.

Rat: Yeah, no yeah, it is quite a while.

Steve: And you're lucky, as far as you still got, you're all alive!

Rat: Yeah I guess, there's a lot of 'em.

Steve: A lot of them are croakin' (dying).

Rat: Yeah it gets a bit depressing, the old phone goes and, "d'yer 'ear who died?"

Steve: Yeah, yeah.

Rat: But that's what 'appens.  Er, I've 'eard that sort of all arguments that you should just because you can and people want to see what the original thing is.

Steve: Well you wanna make some dough, forget all that.

Rat: Laughs.

Steve:  You wanna make some dough mate. And you should 'ave some dough.

Rat: I should 'ave a bloke deliverin' it every day in a little bag at the front door.

Steve: There's no reason you shouldn't be...'ave some dough. From bein' around from back in the day, from what we all created!

Rat: Mmm.

Steve: You know what I mean?

Rat: Well yeah, be nice.

Steve: So you should never look at it as like, "its a liberty if I make some dough."

Rat:  No, I don't think I do, I'm not slow in askin' - you know - "sendin' the bill in."  But do you know what, I'm just dead moody about what I want to do.  Cos if I'm not gonna enjoy it and 'ave a laugh...

Steve: Its not forever.   Its a period of time you'll be on the road for.

Rat: Yeah.

Steve: Make the bank and that's it, "see you later."

Rat:  Well thanks, 'ow much is that?

Steve: That'll be two hundred dollars for my consultation.

Rat:  Thank you very much.

Steve: You can leave it in books.  Paperback books.

They both laugh.

The winners of the Rat and Steve combined strumming whistling and table top drumming competition are announced.  The song they played was from "Let it Bleed" by the Rolling Stones and it was called, "Live With Me".

Steve: Its bin a pleasure 'avin' you 'ere.

Rat: Its bin a pleasure to be 'ere, thank you.

Steve: And don't forget to tell the postman that "I'm the man who can for two hours a day," does what he wants. "The Sire of Wilshire." "The honky of Hammersmith," "The Liquor/Licker of Lichtenstein." "The czar of guitar."  Got anythink to add to that?

Rat: No, not really, I think you've said it all.

Steve: You think that's about it?  There's loads more, I gotta write 'em down. Stupid. Where's my assistant?

"Take these down, you fool!"

Er, be back tomorrow gonna leave you with that Stones song, bye bye.

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