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Fred Armisen visits the box and East Anglia Punk History.

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Yesterday Steve with Mr. Shovel in the house introduced the whistling concept part of the show to KLOS.  My reader should know what that is. This is a place that transcribes bits from Jonesy's jukebox so lets let the R in the Rock (not one of Steve's, I made that soubriquet up) Xplain:

Steve : What I do is play a guitar and I whistle, ok?  You 'ave to call in and tell me what I'm whistlin'.
The winner will go and see Sex Pistols play Cromer Links Pavillion Dec 24th 1977.   Ride.

Ride. MisCAP1Tioned  No its definitely them.

Shovel: First person to identify the song.

Steve: Which should be easy...

An old pic of Cromer Links Pavillion.  MisCAP1Tioned

Well Fred Armisen visited the box at the Rock KLOS of SoCal this week. You can "listen again(st)" on the website.  It was revealed in an International incident that Ozzy Osborne had taken a "Jimmy" up against the wall of the Alamo. But now he's going to apologise for it on the telly on the 'istory channel. Should make for a fantAstic series!  I too have a had a widdle in a few places. Bright's Crescent in Sprowston was always a good one...loads of 'em in that alley at the back of the Birdcage pub, so I know what it's like.  Never at Graceland though. Steve had a wee on Elvis' grave at Graceland.No its not something we should talk about but we did anyway.  BAD!

Oh yeah I wanna live in NW3 like Johnny Rubbish did.  There's a nice StrangLers segue there, for me forthcoming Hugh Cornwell piece, yeahhhhhhhh!  Steve then ran through his vocal talents demonstrating a range of authentic American accents, Fred was suitably impressed.  Steve said that he was a mess when he was hanging out with Kraut opening for the Psychedelic Furs.  Here Ian Rubbish the London comic alter Ego of his guest models a nice copy of an Anarchy shirt.   I always approve of stuff like that.   Looks like Phil has the goods on some Kraut material too  So go KIck down the doors and join the Professionals. Poor Cookie was involved in a road smash at that time too.  You can hear about that and learn of it (despite the hignorant hidiocy of media types who think otherwise) that mohicans, mohis or mohawks and whatever did not become part of the PunK uniforM until later by listening to the show.

Here is a possible Punk Uniform.  Models back to back posing in BOY clobber in the North Sea weirdly.

Then Steve made up a quote for apparently Jimi Hendrix is said to have remarked on the Sire:

"No one goes jing jing jing jing jing better than Steve Jones."

Big Porkies.   Jimi died in 1970.

Samarkand Hotel London September 17th 1970.  The next day Hendrix will be dead.

Jings Crivens Help ma Boab it is quite important to get your jngs (sound of playing the guitar) right.

So that was a quick run through of only SOME of Jonesy's show for you.

Remember 12 Bellz is Fridays 8pm until 10 pm, UK time and that is to 2. pm Cali time.


Now to more eclectic matters.  Eclectic means borrowing from different places.  There will soon be an out of date post on the downstairs Waterfront Norwich 2015 show by Adam Ant. A gig in which we was entirely cheated out of hearing "Whip in my valise". Also STILL TO COME the definitive CWA! account of Hugh Cornwell at Bury St Edmunds. Just so there is something else to Read.  In honour of fanzine culture, this blog faithfUlly reproduces typos but stops short of adding things it has forgotten to insert with a black felt tip.

I've been looking over a few old fanzines reCently from our area. Trees and Flowers or Flowers and Trees from Kings Lynn being particularly xcellent.

Page torn from Ripped and Trees or flowers and torn.

He hasn't changed a bit!

Major credit to Steve Toxin for writing about Punk in West Norfolk's Kings Lynn with its great connections to London and Cambridge and his continuing to retain interest in the music, the gigs and the scene up to about 1984. Like those bands that played at the old Gala Ballroom, Norwich.  None of whom I saw,  Even though I lived over the road from the place for nearly a year writing some pretty awful poetry man.  Tox tells me he has plans to update 2015 style Flowers and Trees/Tree and Flowers So we can look forward to that!!!

Interviewed Tox yesterday when we were slumped standing up against some horrible shop or other in that effort of a shopping centre "Crapelfield Mall" and have made notes on the subject somewhere. Could rant about that mall but there is no point.

Another major credit of the week goes to Matt Worley for turning his incisive mind to Punk in these here parts and doing proper pukka 1976-1984 History on it.  Having a beer with Steve Igs as we speak. A third credit of the week to Pete Nirvana for taking a better Saturday job than mine (which was working in a JUNK shop). He was working in Ace records in the City. Thanks for laughing at some guy's story of horror show violence when he met Sigue Sigue Sputnik back stage at the LCR in 1985, Pete.

Old age pensioner Charlie Harper (71) will be bringing the UK Subs to the Waterfront in December too. I might go to that one. If I can ever get over Lefty moaning about Charlie tie dying his wretched togs in their shared bath they had in Peckham, that is.  The UK Subs planned to release an album for each letter of the alphabet and it now appears that they've finally reached the letter "Z." CwA picks with ignorance, "Another Kind of Blues" "Warhead" "Teenage" and "Party in Paris".

Another round of punk shout outs, to old skools cools from '77, Jonty and to Peter Strike, Jon Fry and the coolest plumber I've ever met, Paul Webster!  Additional menchs, to Kate Philips for reminding me of K block at UEA, for Tom Bombadil's accounts of skinheeds breaking up Angelic Upstarts gigs in Great Yarmouth and so on.  To my mate Steve Hansell, hope he enjoyed Skindred and to Stephen Burb for a painful account of broken ribs and other experiences that went with the territory for some who attended  Crass at Stowmarket in 1980. See map.  Additional honorable Chrassical mentions to Castle Douglas finest blogger Al Puppy and to they who posted links to all those amazing Anarcho squat folks with their krazy coloured hair down in that there Lunnon place. Some kool stuff on face book.  Smooth sailing Luke!  Final thanks to Jonny Lubbock for the Time travel back to Cromer Links pic. The visuals at nearly the beginning of this post.

There's I hear quite a lot of commemorative Punk stuff coming up in Norwich next year.  Please watch this space for news of exciting goodies created by the type of people you know that your mother might have warned you not to hang out with but you still did anyway...until you got the job at Norwich Union Insurance. Viva Aviva.  Probly...

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