Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 9, 2006 - Fighters, Kidney Stones, Aliens, Australopithecusses....

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. Three minutes after twelve bells on a cool day. It definitely feels like the heat has left the atmosphere in Southern California. Although, on Saturday I went to San Francisco. They had an air show (Fleet Week) there. They had all the military there and all the Blue Angels were there and millions of people, and it was warm up there.

I didn’t see the Blue Angels cos I don’t know when, what time…I went and had a nap around 3:00 but I could hear some (makes sound of jet) from the hotel room every now and again so maybe that was them.

But I did see this one plane come off a aircraft carrier (USS Nimitz) it was like something from outer space, it was so awesome. It was one of them kind of, like stealthy-looking planes (USAF F-22a Raptor?*) but it was like a newer one, it was like, made up of panels. It was out of this world and it was so loud and scary, but awesome at the same time, you know?

Just the technology. I’ve no idea cos I hadn’t, I’ve never been around…you only see it on the news, you know? Planes, bombing places. But to actually be right near one. And then he went right up in the air til he just disappeared, you know. He was like taking it for a spin. It was unbelievable. I can only imagine how scary it must be if you’re somewhere where you’re being bombed, you know what I mean? These planes just coming in and they’re so powerful and scary. And just to release bombs on the area, it must be just terrifying.

Oh, the power. Stand Ready. Stand Ready. Get ready to fight and rock and roll.

(* The USAF F-22a Raptor is stealthiest-looking. More so than the Navy's F16 Hornets that did take off from the carrier; on the other hand Raptors are apparently not built for carrier landings and they also belong to a different branch of the service and would not normally be on a Navy carrier. But Raptor did make an appearance at Fleet Week, it did a verrry vertical climb in the demonstration. Hmm. A mystery.)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: I was watching a science channel last night and they had a lot of things (about) where Man came from. And I’m thinking, over ten million years we’ve been around, started evolving…if we lasted another ten million years, are we gonna be different people then, too? You know what I mean? So we’re being that chain of change as men?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, I’d say so.

Steve: So like, you had your Neanderthals, you had your other mob…

Mr. Shovel: Australopithecus.

Steve: …all that lot. And just think in another ten million years or whatever, there’ll probably be…a load more changes in the human. You know, we’ll have…what’re we called now?

Mr. Shovel: Homo Sapiens.

Steve: Is that what we’re called?

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: So, yeah. In about ten million years it’ll probably be another five changes, probably. Bizarre, innit? To think that we’re always evolving. Cos we ain’t staying where we are now, just cos we’re here.

Mr. Shovel: Right.

Steve: You know what I mean, it’s always evolving. Very interesting.

Mr. Shovel: We might end up looking like aliens.

Steve: Yeah. Well, that’s what…who knows? What you mean, like, the big eyes and the no-mouth and the ones that dissect people, you mean like them types?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. Like, maybe those are us…

Steve: Ahead of us…

Mr. Shovel: …highly evolved and figured out how to travel back in time.

Steve: Well that’s, well that’s what…could be, because you know, when you look at stars…we’re looking at ‘em a million years ahead, right. So that’s easily possible that could happen. (sighs) I know it’s a bit too much for the mind to boggle such magnificence, but it is possible. Only I can comprehend them kind of things, the magnificence of the universe.

There’s only a few who actually can keep up with me. Can you keep up with me Shovel, on that level?

Mr. Shovel: Whaddya mean?

Steve: See, see? Lost you already…gonna visit The Duke and hopefully when we come back I will be evolved five minutes ahead of where I was before I started talking about...mancheefrills.

Mr. Shovel: Your thumbs are getting smaller as we speak.

Steve: My eyes are getting bigger and my mouth is starting to disappear.
And I’m thinking what you’re thinking without you even knowing what I’m thinking…

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Hey Mr. Kidney Stone by Steve Jones

I’m free of the kidney stones
I’m feeling mighty fine
And I know I’m on the mend
There ain’t no where I’d rather be

Thank you, old kidney stones
You have left my system
And I do appreciate ya
Getting out of my nuts

I didn’t need an operation
With my insurance card
Because it woulda took me to the cleaners
And I ain’t got no cleaners to go

I’m ready to go anywhere
Oh lord you saved me from
that magic carpet ride with my nuts
and I don’t have to
the kidney stones have left me

so thank you old kidney stones
you made your own way out
just by drinking a lot of water
and you have left
my nutsack

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina, for answering my request to transcribe the "Kidney Stone" song. You rock babe!!!

I feel so bad for Jonesy for having to go through that business. I hope he is feeling better now.

Awesome work, Tina