Friday, October 13, 2006

October 12, 2006 An Extra Hour

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox. Actually, this ain’t gonna work. Got the wrong harmonica. Um, Thursday, three minutes after twelve bells, ‘bout seventy, I mean sixty…it’s getting warmer. It’s getting chilly at nights, though. Nice in the daytime.
When do the clocks go forward? That’s the worst day of the year. It’s like, late October, I think it is? ‘round near Halloween, innit? That’s when they put the clocks backwards or wherever they go? (plays a pretty bit on the guitar) That’s a nice little riff. It’s all mine. It’s all mine, that is. Taken from The Cars, a little bit. That’s just a…I wish I knew what that chord was. That’s an A Major…I think this is an E 7th…
Moonlight becomes you
moonlight becomes you
in ze eveningtime when
we put the clocks forwards
and we take two steps backwards
and things are darker earlier around five thirty
it looks so depressing to me

oh darkness
that’s when I wish I was in Lichtenstein
and it’s daylight all day long

oh Lichtenstein
it’s one or the other…

Steve: No, it’s dark all Winter there, right, when it’s Winter? One of them gaffs. Who knows. Um, what’s happening? Def Leppard tomorrow.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.
It’s October 29th, last Saturday of the month. (when the clocks are changed)

Steve: Is that is? Alright. October 29th, set your watches for that day. It’s when all the burglars come out and people are mugging ya. Got an extra hour of mugging.

Mr. Shovel: That’s going to be a big party night, so you get an extra
hour to party.

Steve: (sings)
An extra hour to…

Steve: I don’t hear echo.

(singing again with echo)
…party on October 29th
you can come out with your truncheons
and take money from weaker people than you

You say Oi, stick ‘em up
I’ve got a gun in my pocket
I need some crack
And you’re my only option

Mr. Shovel: You can even wear a mask!

Steve: (sings)
And you can even wear a mask
While you’re taking my money

Extra hour to rob people
Oh oh oh oh

Mr. Shovel: But you’ve got to look out for the fake slutty cops.

Steve: (sings)
But you gotta look out
for the fake slutty cops
what are you talking about Mr. Shovel
What does that mean

Mr. Shovel: It’s Halloween.

Steve: (lightbulb goes on) Oh!

It’s Halloween
Everybody dresses up in funny outfits

Steve: (continues playing) Do you remember the one, the cop last year? Guy dressed up as a cop or something, and the (real) cop shot him in the house?


Don’t let that happen again
He’ll never wear a police uniform again

Steve: I think he’s dead, isn’t he?

I think I’ll dress up as a burglar
I’ll wear a striped sweater
With a bag on my back
that says “swag”

and a beret just like in the old
the old commercials, comics and films
oh oh oh oh…

Chad Fontaine(?): Gonna play some dancin’ music…ambiance. Get your groove on, sucker. Now when I say suck, you suck, sucker. Yeaaaaahhh…

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