Saturday, July 01, 2006

Uncle step

Welcome back to a newborn babe quarter final Dr. Who strewn Chriswasanon!

So ok. Today you have 2 posts for one. You can read my ramble or cut straight to the meat of the blog with Tina's latest transcriptural post. That is up to you.

The good good news concerns my other and better half's daughter, Shani being delivered safely of a little girl, so could things be better? Shani was admitted to hospital 8 days ago and so it has been a long anxious stop start week. At this morning we got the call that was all was well! So today is/was/will be the day and what with the Dr's assistant Rose Tyler being killed off in Dr. Who and the England v. Portugal quarter final, there is much to look forward to.

Tina has as ever an interesting post for you. In summation. Staying power courtesy of V1agra, the taste of goat is not like chicken, the Stranglers IV. Ah well if the new Stranglers album is half as good as the last one, "Norfolk Coast," then we are in for a treat. Hugh Cornwell has been gone a long time now.

Myspace Steve News. He's a joker - or three. Of course too today is the day when Mr. Jones is going live with the Filth and the Fury somewhere in California. Why should I care? I live in Scotland but for those of you need to know - ah yes the LA film festival that's where.

So if England beat Portugal, they will be 2 matches away from the World Cup. "If," such a small word but in this much hangs on it. I was chatting with my neighbour in the flats er apartments...

"So who do you think is going to win?"

"Coup d' etat Chris."

"Oh, yeah?"

" I was in the pub the other night and they were asking, "who do you think is gonnae win the World Cup noo then?"

"When I answered there...was... a... dead.... silence."

Cwa would like to say that standing in the "Galloway Arms" saying that you think England are going to carry off the trophy, when all around you would rather see the Ougadougoo township eleven or anyone RATHER than Sven's boys, well that ain't the most sensible way to get a free pint now, is it? Brave heart!



Tina IS at the controls!

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