Wednesday, June 28, 2006

From June 27 with a couple of Minutemen

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. It’s four minutes after twelve bells. It’s Tuesday, it’s funny old weather still, but at least it’s cooled down a little bit. Ain’t as humid. Um, who we got coming on today, Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Mike Watt.

Steve: Mike Watt from The Minutemen. We gonna give anything away?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, we have tickets to the screening on Saturday.

Steve: What screening’s that, Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: That is the screening of “Filth And The Fury” at the John Anson Ford Ampitheatre with appearances by Steve Jones, The Like, The Vacation and broadcasting live from six to eight P.M., “Jonesy’s Jukebox”.

Steve: Oh, rully.

Mr. Shovel: You can buy tickets, too. At

Steve: Ten bucks, right?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Um, what time does it open, does it open at six?

Mr. Shovel: You asked me a question I don’t know the answer to. I’m guessing around six, yeah. But I don’t know, it might be earlier. Information’s on the website.

Steve: Okay. But we wouldn’t think of looking at the website for that information, would we?

Mr. Shovel: Well, this is how you steer people to the website, see.

Steve: Oh, I see. Gotcha. You’re giving away money as well, ain’t we? I heard it. You just got to go on the Indie website.

Mr. Shovel: Goin’ insane.

Steve: …throwing it out the window. Fridges, TV’s, the lot. Indie website. for free electrical appliances. Um, missed the game this morning. Slept like a log. I didn’t, actually. I slept good, woke up ‘bout four, all in my head and then went back to bed and didn’t wake up ‘til nine-thirty. I was well rested, but I kind of woke up and it was like, in the eightieth minute of the Brazil/Ghana game and they were already up, two-nil. I think it ended up being three-nil, wunnit, to Brazil? Apparently, what they were saying, it looked like they give ‘em a good game, though. They made it hard for the Brazilians. So I don’t know if they did or not. But the most exciting news, I’m going to play a song for the ol’ Ghana lot. That’s my new thing. The losers get a song first, then the winners get a song. But, didn’t we get some effects in the house?

Mr. Shovel: Oh yeah. We’ve gone all-out. We’ve gone all-out.

Steve: We got some reverb.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Let’s hear it. Let me christen it.

Mr. Shovel: Do you want it on the guitar?

Steve: Everything. The lot. I want a Phil Spector wall of sound right now.

Mr. Shovel: Oh, boy.

Steve: (plays his guitar) Listen to that. That almost sounds professional. Let’s see what you’ve got. That’s full-up echo? (continues testing) It was better before. There you go. “Hello, is anybody out there?” Okay let’s christen it. Go on, don’t be shy. There you go, leave it there, yeah. What key is this? (Adds harmonica, starts to play a song, stops) What’s a good chord after that one? Hallo? (starts up again)

Mr. Shovel: “Steve Jones Unplugged At The Superdome”.

Steve: Yeah, that’s what it sounds like.

Mr. Shovel: (joins with melodica)

Steve: (sings)


We’ve got plenty of echo

I think it’s called reverb

It’s makes you sound professional

It sounds like midnight

Midnight Cowboy

I wish it was midnight


Mr. Shovel: See, most stations, they don’t, they don’t get a chance to celebrate these kind of things cos they just take it for granted.

Steve: What do you mean, they already have it?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: I don’t care. Better late than never. I love the way it sounds. Gives you a whole new outlook, now. Although, I won’t kind of…don’t really know what I’m doing because I can’t believe that we actually have it. (plays a nice instrumental bit for a few more seconds)

This is for…(to Mr. Shovel) track two…(Sopranos accent) what’re you doin’ kid? This is for Ghana. Er, track one, sorry. How dare you. This is for Ghana, going home on a jet plane. Take it away.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

(excerpt of interview with members of the band, The Minutemen. Steve mentions the new documentary about their band called, "We Jam Econo")

Steve: You guys have any involvement with the documentary?

George Hurley: In actually making it? Ah, just doing interviews, and such…with Keith. No stunts or anything like that, though.

Steve: Are you a surfer?

George: I used to be, yeah.

Steve: You’ve go that look.

Mike Watt: He gave up surfing to – he made boards – to play drums. He got the “Happy Jack” record and…

George: Uh huh, that was my first record, “Happy Jack”.

Mike: Taught himself the drums.

George: How’d you meet Cookie?

Steve: Cookie? I met Cookie when I was ten years old. I used to walk one way to school and he used to walk the other way and then we both ended up going to the secondary school. I don’t know what you call it here. That was our…

George: Junior High.

Steve: …yeah. And then you go to the other school and then we both went to the same school and we both were skinheads so we both kind of looked similar and we just became…I used to live around the corner from him. I’ve known him since I was ten years old.

Mike: How’d he get on drums?

Steve: Um, he was forced on drums. He, he didn't want to really do it. I just forced him into it cos he was my mate and I didn’t want to do it, didn’t want to be in a band with someone I didn’t know. You know, that was the mentality, when you’re fifteen, sixteen, you know? And, uh, we used to…I stole him a drum kit and he used to practice in his mum’s bedroom.

George: He’s a great drummer though...

Steve: His mum didn’t…

George: She didn’t mind, huh?

Steve: No, she didn’t mind cos she was a little nuts, his mum. So…she was into it.

Mike: Well, D. Boon’s mom was into it, that’s how we got going. He was slammin’ though…song like “Problems”. It’s a good slammin’ groove.

Steve: When you get ol’ Cookie cookin’, he’s all right. He’s all right.

Mike: Cookin’!

Steve: He’s not an orthodox drummer.

Mike: No.

Steve: You know what I mean? But it kind of worked you know, me and him playing together.

Mike: Or, like Mooney. (to George) That’s who you learned from right?

Steve: Exactly. Mooney, and who’s the other one? Ginger Baker.

George: Yeah, well just learn the best way you can. Just listen…

Mike: And charge hard.

George: …and interpret it the best way you can.

Steve: Yeah. I mean, our inspirations, I mean, who we used to, me and Cookie, we used to sit in his bedroom. I was always around his house and he had a record player and all we would listen to was Roxy Music, the Bowie that we talked about, Mott the Hoople…that was, that was our stuff, you know. We had a band, we actually started a band called, “The Strand” because of Roxy Music, you know. We picked Chris Thomas because he produced Roxy Music records. That’s the only reason we picked him to do, “Never Mind The Bollocks”. No other reason. It didn’t make any other sense, you know.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: Did you have a lot of lunatics come to your shows? (they laugh) It was at that time, though. It was at that time when there was a lot of violent, punky kind of stuff going on, right.

Mike: Yeah it was, absolutely.

George: Yeah, it sure was.

Mike: Oh, remember when we played in Vienna? Our first time to Europe, man. I couldn’t believe that. I got hit with a bunch of used rubbers, bags of…

George: Starwood Theatre…that was pretty crazy.

Steve: You lucky guy.

Mike: Cups of urine, bags of tur…cerrote…

Steve: In Vienna?

Mike: Yeah, at the (?) Arena.

George: Kind of scary. That was the first time we went to Europe. So it was kind of scary you know like, “Oh god”.

Steve: That’s kind of…I thought that was a romantic city. Everyone’s on gondolas and stuff.

Mike: Well, there was a second wave…Anti-nowhere League, there was a second wave, it wasn’t the thing you guys were from. It made a rebound cos this was the early Eighties and it got very orthodox and anarchy was not really put in practice (all laugh) and yeah, it wasn’t about letting the freak flag fly, that’s for sure.

Steve: Yeah. You know that city’s slowly sinking.

Mike: Whoa. Oh, Venice.

Steve: Yeah, each year it goes down…

Mike: No, we’re talking, Vienna.

Steve: Oh, where in bleedin’ hell’s that, then?

Mike: It’s the eastern part of Austria.

Steve: Oh…ze GERMANS! NOW it makes sense, throwing the johnnys at ya.

Mike: And used ones, man. That was intense.

Steve: Oh, no. With man-stuff?

Mike: Swim team.

Steve: Eewww!

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