Monday, July 03, 2006

Pics from the outside broadcast

Final edit!!!

Not a welcomeback to chriswasanon post. Tina's posts have been consistently brilliant in my opinion during these last few weeks. Plenty to read about here. Especially if you
are into Stephen Jones of the Sex Pistols or Mark Shovel (stress on the second syllable) or Indie 103.1 FM.

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Let us not even broach Saturday in Gelsenkirchen, ok? I feel gutted. Like a newly landed herring on the sea front at Yarmouth. Gutted, salted and pickled. 3 cans of cheap "blitzen" lager were not enough. Fact is my deres I was inconsolable. When I learnt that it was to be yet another penalty shoot out - my heart went in one direction and my cigarette consumption in t'other.

Enough about the World tiddlywinks cup. More glo
omy Brit Sport news. Andy Murray crashed out of Wimbledon today. That's enough sport(s).

Tina has some great pictures for you here. I believe - although do not quote me - that they are entirely original digital piccies of Saturday's OB. Which is an outside broadca
st to us in the know - he said knowingly in an unsure sort of way.

The myspace Steve profile news. Is it it a bird, no? Is it a plane? Is it a rolled up copy of the Financial Times? No! Ah so, is it peradventure the Sex Pistols guitarist in a lift (er elevator) wearing a Superman costume? Hmmm. perhaps this was taken in a photobooth? You can see the curtain behind him...probly...At least I think that is him. Perhaps I need another can of blitzen.

I was going to say at this point "Tina is at Controls." That is n
ot strictly true however as today is not a transcription day - not to my knowledge.

Shani and baby are doing fine. See Uncle Step or Grandad Step post. It has been nothing but talk of babies and ickle pretty girlies since the birth - I'm planning on moving out and into the trailer in the back garden. I fear that I am about to drown in a deluge of tiny weeny frocks. Is that possible? No, no its all jolly lovely and sweet really.

That's it.

See you Wednesday maybe, or Thursday or Friday or the middle of next week, next month next year, no telling is there?


Mr. Shovel, artist Shepherd Fairy and Steve on Jonesy's Jukebox Live Saturday, July 1. The special broadcast was beamed from the John Anson Ford Theatre prior to a screening of "The Filth And The Fury" as a part of the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Sire signs autographs

At long last - a picture of MR. SHOVEL!

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