Thursday, July 06, 2006


Not a welcome back to Chriswasanon post. Some informative myspace Steve news.

I love statistics! So last night a typical World Cup night. Get the beers in! 8 cans of Stella Artois (£7.00) Do the conversion math! and a football match on the telly. Portugal V France. Slurp! I have been reading with some interest a few blogs on the World Cup. Background material. I recommends the Guardian blog meself. Though the bbc one is just as entertaining if a tad censorious.

It is intriguing on these blogs to see the level to which people will go when it comes to supporting their National team and the way in which they will sometimes accuse every one else of being Dirty Filthy Rotten Cheating Scoundrels. I did think that I saw lots of diving last night but I also think I saw some entertaining footie. Some people think that that game was crap. Who cares, I liked it! Call me Larry the Lightweight football supporter. Talk to my brother - he has an Arsenal season ticket.

I aren't so unforgiving as to have wished Porto a thorough Gallic drubbing just because they knocked Inglaterre out in the quarters. Mebbe I just lack the killer instinct? But there it was, two drunken semi-final nights with my head full of Belgian beer. By the time I got back to the byre, I was well lit up and the first thing to do was to down a pint of cold water and so to a bed that was spinning a little.

On Sunday we come at last to the final of World Cup 2006. I don't know if my liver can stand another match. But I fancy a few bottles of Grolsch for Sunday.

Double Plus with extra onions and tomatoes - there is the thrill of Doctor Who to come battling not one but TWO arch adversaries, the delete obsessed cybermen. Think Windows XP :-) and the Daleks. So it's battles of the tyrants all round. Cheers!

The myspace Steve news. You've seen the Great Rock n Roll Swindle surely? Well there's Steve and Cookie the drummer boy rushing into the Brazillian sea. I think the footage was taken near Biggsy's gaff and Ronald himself brings up the rear...ahem but he is just out of shot so not featured in this profile pic. It's ARSE news and like for sure!

That was the view from the chriswasanon. Tina will probly be back soon! Do not be perturbed that this post is of an essentially alcohol abusing nature - tomorrow I will take the pledge - well mebbe Monday...


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