Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top 16

Hope that you are all enjoying the excellent Slim Jim Phantom and Lemmy interview that Tina has transcribed for your pleasure - I think there may be a bit more to come, or perhaps, she's keeping some of it back for Kick Down the Doors. Can never tell. Keep checking back.

The myspace top 8 Steve news - actually he's got one of them new fangled top 16 thingys now. Whoooo. "If I ain't in your top 16 you will be eliminated" - mayhap. And whilst his myspace avatar was Winstone, Steve's much treasured dog - it is now Bokassa. Full absorbing story here
" Princeps "

No Steve last night, so no nothing today.

World cup fever continues to grow with a flowering of Crosses of St George dahn sahf mate innit. The Scots will - I have to completely retract my previous statement - almost certainly be supporting any side but Beckham's lot during the coming competition in Germany. Realistic "Remember Bannockburn 1312" mode /on. A shame but there it is.

Still to come!!!

The exposé of the Women's Rural Institute.


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