Saturday, April 01, 2006

Chrissie Hynde 22.3.06 One last time...

Welcome back to chriswasanon. Oh man, I know I shouldn't be doing this but the world is just about chocka full of nots and sometimes I just can't help myself. So we got the new best of Saturday shows at 12 bells a-coming but not for me - other stuff to do today er tonight. The Chrissie Hynde full interview which ran to some 40 pages is complete (joint Floratina and Chriswasanon production) and because I'm feeling in a celebratory kind of mood - I thought that I would lay one last piece out for your enjoyment. The next time you see this interview will be in a complete form over at So you know how to tease me with a just a little glimpse of the top of my...when I raise my...and you... that's enuff woooo hooo...

This interview was broadcast on Indie 103.1 in the LA and OC area and simultaneously over the Internet on 22.3.06. Present were Chrissie Hynde, Rosanna Arquette and our own Stephen (milking it) Jones!

Chriswasanon is at the controls.

Chrissie: But what I do want to discuss right here…

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: …is this photograph of you which has brought to my attention of what you looked like twenty five years ago.

Steve: Gorgeous.

Chrissie: To my credit…

Steve: That’s when we ‘ad sex.


Steve: Is that what you wanna say?

Chrissie: I just…

Steve: You ‘ad me when I was better lookin’.

Chrissie: Alright, you said it, I didn’t say it.

Steve: I don’t care. (pause) I’m not that bad! I mean I…

Rosanna: (surprised) You mean you guys did it? You guys slept together? (laughs).

Steve: I told yer that last time you was ‘ere.

Rosanna: I know I’m teasing, I know.

Steve: I’m sure she told you everything.

Chrissie: I don’t think we ever slept together.

Steve: Did you tell her…

Rosanna: You said you, “slept together,” like in the same bed but nothing happened.

Steve: “I might like you better if we slept together.” (Reference to a song currently getting a lot of air-play on Indie 103.1 at the moment). “I might like you better if we slept together.”

Chrissie: I thing we’re getting a little, away from the musical agenda of the programme here.

Rosanna: Right…

Steve: Do you remember that song though?

Rosanna: …but people love that.

Steve: That was a song I was just singing there.

Rosanna: Yes.

Steve: Who sung that, “Concrete?” (Asks Mr. Shovel if he can tell Steve the band’s name) new…?

Mr. Shovel: “Romeo void.”

Steve: “Romeo void,” excellent.

Chriswasanon production. Steppin' up - who can saaaaaaay ayyy ayyyy.

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