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Chrissie Hynde Part 2. 22.3.06

Well I'm back in the hot seat for a whiles and while I'm busy reading about Chumbawumba, the Not Sensibles and just about anything else I can lay my hands on whilst my brain still functions, I thought I might trowel out a bitty more of the Chrissie Hynde interview which Tina has transcribed for you. A picture post too? Ah Success! Might I just add in here that the whole interview when transcribed will be available along with the whole Lydon interview at Kick down the doors? Thanks! (and the Swindle parts of the Julien Temple interview, too - Tina)

Present. Steve Jones, Chrissie Hynde and Rosanna Arquette.
Broadcast 22.3.06 on Indie 103.1 over parts of the LA and OC. area and then streamed over the Internet.

Tina is at the controls...

Chrissie Hynde Visits The Box March 22, 2006

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. I’m just an Englishman, milking it. And we’ve got Chrissie Hynde in the studio, ex-lover of mine (Chrissie laughs) and Rosanna Arquette, the sex therapist.

Chrissie: Bloody hell…if I’d known before I came in…you dirty…

Steve: You dirty rotter. What a bleedin’ rotter.

Chrissie: You haven’t changed much…physically.

Rosanna: No, actually he’s changed a lot though, wouldn’t you say?

Steve: Yeah. A lot.

Rosanna: Yeah…he doesn’t do that sex, drugs and rock and roll, well, the sex stuff, sorry. The drugs and rock and roll…

Steve: The sex thing is out of habit, more than anything, I talk about sex…I really don’t sleep around a lot at all anymore.

Rosanna: You just stay home and watch movies.

Steve: Watch things…(both laugh)

Rosanna: Look at Chrissie’s face.

Steve: Do you have brothers and sisters? I know nothing…

Chrissie: I have a brother.

Steve: …nothing about your background.

Chrissie: You don’t need to know.

Rosanna: He was a musician, though.

Chrissie: He is a musician.

Steve: Your parents still alive?

Chrissie: Yes, they are. They live in Ohio.

Steve: Yeah. You talk to them?

Chrissie: Yeah, I talk to them. I’ve rented an apartment in Akron so I can go and visit more often.

Steve: Really?

Chrissie: Yeah. I still have my roots. You know, I went from Akron to London. I never lived anywhere else in the States.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: So I go back there and, you know, I have my Akron shtick, my friends there and stuff.

Steve: What, what made you get out of there? Is it just an industrial, horrible place?

Chrissie: Nah. I just didn’t want to be in the States. I could see this whole car culture coming in, I didn’t want to have to buy a car so I could get to work so I could pay for my car and get stuck into that whole malaise of…it’s just become one big sprawling metroplex. And of course I grew up on all that English music. I was dying to get over there and you know, see the bad teeth up close.

Steve: Did you, did you want to be in a band back then?

Chrissie: Of course. Always.

Steve: When you were young.

Chrissie: Yeah. I started playing the guitar when I was real young and stuff, listening to all the bands but, being a girl, I was, I never played with the guys in the art room and stuff. I was you know, at home playing. I wouldn’t mix it. I was too shy with the guys. It was only during that sort of, punk thing.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: In fact, it was down the King’s Road, I went…it was a woman…you wouldn’t have known her. She lived above the uh, Barclay’s Bank and she, her son, Quentin, he had a little band. They were all about fourteen. They, they hung around with the Heavy Metal Kids. Gary Holton used to hang around there and I went in there for some reason one day, I don’t know, buy some pot or something and um, they…I heard the little kids playing and I said, “Wow, what’s that?” and I showed them how to play “White Light, White Heat” ‘cause they only knew a couple of heavy metal…well you know, not really interesting songs. That’s when I remembered that I could play and everything. That was a big turning point for me.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Well, then when that punk thing happened, I knew I could get in there without it being too much of a novelty, being a chick. Of course, it, you know, served me well. I’ve never…it made it easier being a girl because guys would carry my guitars tune ‘em and stuff.

Steve: I never carried your guitar.

Chrissie: I’ll bet you did.

Steve: I’ll bet I didn’t. I’d carry it now, though.

Chrissie: I’ll bring it up.

Steve: Really? I’ve got a guitar here. Let’s re-enact it…

Rosanna: You can carry it tonight.

Joint Tina and Chriswasanon production. Thanks to SF. Gail for the image. Steppin' up oh...something!


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