Saturday, February 04, 2006

Translation blog...the continuing "storrrr...y" of a blog..

The translation blog is a goodie, oh boy is it a mancheefrill!

Steve Jones, the Ace of myspace, the Sire of Wilshire
the Pontiff of Pop, the Shepherd's Bush goal machine
the man who can is an A1+A+A+A+A+A Jackanapes!

We have two people to thank for "translation" blog.

Mr Shovel and Mr Pie and Peas.

It started off with Tricky volunteering his linguistic skills for Jah Wobble (see my previous post) Was that really Cookie on the Blog? Lydon has his birthday, happy birthday your Rottenship! Ramona has her birthday - hope it was a goodie, TK. Got on the blog board! Indie are playing classic Pistols and A LOT! Floratina - came up with the goods - she is the TrAnScriber. Shloe doesn't like the t'scripts but they are to us the acolytes the pure Gold! The duckets! We say thank you to Tina! Gail gave Miche some sensible advice.

JR has some ker Knackered ker Knickers - some wenches dispense with undergrundage entirely apparently. Aunty Chrissy passes comment on Jonesy passing wind. Indie has a funky splash page you Google Indie103.1 and it takes you there. Nutella IS Mancheefrills! Nuts and choc. AC. sees the DKs "California Uber Alles" - how we used to sing that one! The stream went into Duke mode. Ah ha Blog comment Number 498

Glass gave us a probably totally unwanted peek up Stevie Fleetwood's bottom and other Bowiesque tales of edification. Hey Glass you sniffed glue too! Pass the Thixofix! Blechhhh! He also touched on the ever thorny problem of did the Sex Pistols steal the Ramones thunder.

Congratters Nevah you won a a pin and a sticka, lucky old NMTB they are the dogs bollocks! Only a matter of time b4 Nevah gets the tee shirt - oh how I want one of those.

El Diablo? oh come Pie. Alison gets on board the myspace and both she and J. D. get the award. More Jacobites, more nutella, a packet of nobbies Steve our Sire has got himself hooked on Latte. Jewell reappeared after a spell of hard graft. That's it or is it? still to come the full story of the sexjones piespace SwIndle In the next groovy ish.

Annabel Lui and or Bow Wow will be in the Studio on Wednesday.

chriswasapinballwizzard - did anyone actually grab that game and play it?


Pie &peas said...

You are a true story teller mate .That was a great re-cap of the week.Thanks

Chris was Anon said...

Well thank you Pie and welcome to the chriswasanon!

Thank you for your comment!


Anonymous said...

I looked longingly at the pinball game and wondered if I would be complicating things for my poor ole laptop by downloading it. I may yet do so. Thanks for pointing me to that Swindle review. I liked that it went into such detail. He noted that Steve is a "natural actor". I agree. Especially natural is the part where he squats to relieve himself on that gold record at some point after the lady calls him a "walking dildo". But I digress.

The "Translation" theme may continue to be of use in this Grammy week, who knows? Thanks for your recaps. You are like the "society" columnist of the blog!


Chris was Anon said...

Thank you Tina for your comments yes I like Karl's site, his Swindle review was different in fact his whole site is excellent really, controversial and bright and funny.

I warn you that that pinball game though it is lush - is xtremely annoying and I never win...:-) Give it a whirl though, you can always delete it or make sure that it is the only window open...

See you at 12 bellz sometime Tina.