Thursday, February 02, 2006

The 3 Johns.

Malcolm slaps his head and realises that he has the wrong
SEX shop front man...for the Sex Pistols.

What's this about, once there were a load of Johns....

They were John Simon Ritchie, John Wardle and
John Lydon. I know there are more Johns but 3 will do for our

One of the three Johns "Jah Wobble" came into the studio. The first PIL bassist. He's a spiritual guy. Analisa! Fodderstompf, Religion, Lowlife, Theme. Great deep bass work from Jah. I saw him at Glastonbury on a small stage with a troupe of whirling dervishes, the "Invaders of the Heart."

So Jah talked about his bass and the cows of Cheshire. Is London becoming crack city, smack central er like Hogarth but without the gin? Well what's it like on the tube - the subway sect. Jah Knows!

Mr Wardle Wobble recalled that Sidnay was upset because
he wasn't the lead singer of the Sex pistols. Well he did
"kind of" 2nd. prize in the Great Rock n Roll Swindle.
"My Way," "Somefin else," "C'mon everybody" but hear!
We heard it from the mahf of one of the three John's.
I saw that interview with Malcy. I didn't believe it.
Cash from Chaos!

It was on a BBC 3. television 2004 documentary concerning
the performer/manager relationship. EMI, A&M, Virgin, Today
God save Bill Grundy. Press conferences, Nancy and that film.
The usual suspects. With a special focus on
Malcolm Mclaren and John Lydon.

The show was called, "Blood on the turntable. The Sex Pistols."

Transcript of the interview confirmed by Jah Wobble on
Steve's show follows...

Mclaren: "Vivienne (Westwood) said:

"There's a guy Malcolm you should check out
comes in the shop (SEX) regularly."

and in walked a guy who I kept looking at and I thought
he's got something about this guy..."

(John's dead shower head "Eighteen" audition followed.)

Mclaren: "Well the terrible thing that happened between me an Lydon was when Vivienne finally saw who actually this John was in the group; she told me I'd got the wrong guy!

I said,

"Oh my God what are you talking about..?"

(she) said:

"That's not the 'John' I meant, there's another 'John.'"
"She was right, there was another John. It was a friend
of his...John Simon Ritchie, otherwise known as Sid Vicious."


Blog business...

A fast moving week and we without a blog. Apart from
those wise folk who used an earlier one. The one that
went missing has not come home yet and possibly won't.
The archives are not complete but you won't find the "enjoy."
Shame because the Society of the spectacle is there - seeing
as Pie was thinking of getting some Paris Hilton shades - an
obscure connection.

Jewell: "You would look like a bug."

Ah that was the enjoy!

Mr. S(h)ovel the EnGiNeEr has given us a new blog, PRAISE A+A+A+A+A.
Although the security issues have yet to be addressed :-(

Sovel's blog is called "a translation service for Jah!" Or something. Get on board! Indie 103.1 Radio sets sail with Cap'n Steve on the blogship Jonesy at 12 bells or 12 noon Californian time. THATS UK. time. 120 minutes in all. With a repeat later of the first hour at Cally time. in the UK.

Big upz:

Tina - Tikka Tiki Masala!
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Absent - the psychic - come out of your oblong box and post!

If I missed you it's because I was considering shutting this thing down - chucking it in! What a lousy excuse. Dark days for C.w.A. with there being no current blog to feed me. Thanks for your comments I love 'em! Shovel me your comments!

Jah love!

Chris was an on.


Alison said...

Don't chuck it in, Chris! your musings are wunderbar. And Miche and Schlomoe free.

I'm still pondering the "what if's" here. What if Sid had fronted the Pistols instead of His Rottenness? Would things be any different today? Would punk have taken off? Would Jonesy be the pontiff of pop?

btw, did you catch John Lydon's 50 video on his website? Pretty funny stuff.


Chris was Anon said...

I won't just yet Alison. They are after all just musings on a sort of niche subject. Actually Miche left one of the first comments on this site, Spain 2 I believe it was. Yes what if, Sid would have been a great front man but he was damaged goods after all. "I'm good looking and girls fancy me." Better one is:

"I didn't even know the summer of love was happening, I was too busy playing with my action man." Which spawned a Seditionaries t-shirt I believe. A reinterpretation of the "Somethin' else picture sleeve.

"I was the only guy left with any anarchy." Also his dates and the My Way quote and Sid Vicious neon light graphic.

A b&w. pic of the t-shirt here:

Steve would have gone along with it, I think. No question, Steve would be the pontiff of pop. Steve is a survivor! As to the question of whether it would have taken off - I dunno. Sid as Malcolm said is so popular, he's well and truly in there in the Rock 'n'roll dead popstar hall of fame. Hard question the what if...

No I haven't yet as regards his Rottenship - I like John, I always have - he was pissed off with Belgian TV using Sex Pistols stuff and seeking out the sorditity of London on that series he did for them.

At Finsbury Park on the Filthy lucre at that wonderful gig - his opening comment was, "Fat forty and back!" Now it's fat fifty and back. Time passes...listen...time passes.

Thanks for posting!


NYCGAIL said...

I'de mention more about the 1920's Harlem music scene, if you Brits were'nt so damn interesting! Every time I want to talk about Jelly Roll Morton and Lous Armstrong or even Basie in the 40's, I get sidetracked imagining myself as one of The Bromley Contingent.(Smiles) Gail xoxoxo

Chris was Anon said...

I'm sure that too is very interesting Gail - you should blog it - I never visit your space profile cos it freezes my pc :-(

But I gots you in my favourites!

Thanks for posting.