Monday, January 30, 2006

The mystery of the missing blog

Well here was I this monday morning ready to see what Sunday posts there were on the blog ripe from having returned from a 10 band rockfest in a freezing cold distillery even heard a Buzzcocks cover too - when what do I find upon return from said journey but no blog entitled "enjoy." I reflect therefore that I greatly enjoyed Bladrock 2 and was heartened by the sight of a 12 year old whose guitar was bigger than him saying that along with Blink 182, the Sex Pistols were his heroes. Heartened that he could play...very well, a five piece band with an average age of 13. That's amazing!!!

Did I imagine a blog called "enjoy," have I got a myspace virus? Is Tom Serious and all o' that myspace squit - a Norfolk dialect word best translated by the expression, "bollocks." Undaunted, under the porno trash link I have posted to one of the other abandoned Jones blogs and sent out a general appeal that the blog be returned on Jack's shack. Or if not returned then at least an explanation from an insider be forthwith forthcoming. It may be there now for all I know - perhaps it has been scrubbed clean and all trace of spats and squabbles erased from it. I count, you count, we count. So if you've seen this blog drop me a quick line to here or there or anywhere you like really. Here is better. I fear for this blog for although it has its streets smarts and has flown its colours high, an unprotected blog is a worrying thing and this may have serious implications for Jonesy bloggers...yet unknowable and then again...mebbe not.



Anonymous said...

So much bitter invective slung around, by the known and the "anonymous". I don't blame them if they took the blog away. It was getting abused, poor thing.


Alison said...

did jonesy or mr. shovel say anything about it on the box today? I didn't get to listen that closely cuz of work. are they giving us the silent treatment?

Anonymous said...

they didnt say anything and they havent closed the entire blog down because you can still post on the old christmas topic one... The ENJOY I guess went a little too jacko... LOL

Anonymous said...

uh, sorry that was me... damn this anonymous thing...aye

Chris was Anon said...

Thanks for posting those all of you!

Looks like cWa website is out of business now.

Well it's been fun aint it?