Saturday, February 11, 2006

Soon to come...

A new pic of me. How exciting is that? An explanation of why the rotter is a thoroughly rotten chap. Some post Sex Pistols experience observations, more pie shaped telephone shennanigans and a trip to Hadrian's wall NOT the Berlin Wall...I shall also be crying wolf - again. I'm quite jolly well tired after the second rebroadcast.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the Pontiff 2 year Anniversary blog and enjoy the box!

Post a comment!!! Speculative ones are especially interesting!!! SLIK!!! HUGS...AC. JR. Nevah. Gail...Shloe I can't help - trouble. Scottish Toodler with a welcome back. Jewell come on babes get well soooooon!!! If I've missed you have you ever heard that expression: "You missed yourself last night."

All you need are socks, candles, pants and a radio show!!!



Alison said...

no socks, no candles, no underpants and no toasts. just lots of blistering rock 'n' roll, plus Jonesy and Mr. Shovel. The Box turns 2.


Chris was Anon said...

Yes I have only been listening to it for 4 months - does that make me a box ingenue, newbie, newcomer, I think that does - any other comments peoples? This was a pretend post, I'm not really going to post any of that...coming soon schtuff.

That's all I want! DJ.Jones and good music and also of course to try and work out what is happening on the blog...actually I could do without the blog too...

Thanks for commenting! Alison!!!

As you all know Chriswasanon =comments, criticisms and craziness.