Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Write your own blog...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What's this about, blog about blog. Steve Jones blog - the man who can. Indie 103.1...Jonesy's jukebox - a radio show.

Les Paul on the dog and bone - get well soon Les.

Bow Wow Wow - Stepping up...

Sex Pistol's Experience. Up stepping.

"It's your birthday." All the best from chriswasanon to the man who like the Queen herself has 2 birthdays. Congratters!!! Stuartmm has baked you a cakie.

Slash - well I had a feeling a Guns and Roses man would be on the show. I was looking out of the window at the byre and thinking - "well Steve is bound to have one of them on" and bingomasters breakout! - there he was and they both were trying their mesmerising hardest to get the ShOvEl to go hypnotist to stop smoking. Me, I love smoking!!!

"You will stop smoking - people will smoke all around you but you will have no desire to cadge ciggies, flash the ash or spark up a gasper."

"You like are feeling sleepy, techno floats your boat."

Swindle your way to the top of the Pie t-shirts are not available in any shops.

Robert Crumb shaped basketball bubble butts are.

"This is why our culture is the best."

Aye right Shloe and that is why you remain a fly!

Controversy. No more!!! No more!!! It has all been said, through Stuartmm.

I wouldn't want to bed Chris Martin. "and they were all yellow." Apologies to Coldplay. So laaaasssst year darling :-) He doesn't raise the wind in my sails.

Sad to pass up the Cult ticket Pie. Gone to an A1 jukebox bloggeroonie - right?




Minxie/Gail. Car and the Catholic girls -Car myspaced. If I've missed you, you may have missed me.

AC cannot be bothered to hunt Shloe down and swat him. Shloe's hygiene habits leave a little to be desired but then so too did Bill Gates.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box.

That's enough "write your own blog."


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Scottish Toodler said...

I missed the part about the Crumb bubblebutts!! LOL!!! It was very strange to get a "welcome back" on that comments section of the JJB blog!!! I am so glad to find you here, raising hell and fighting the good fight!! LONG LIVE INDIE & GOD SAVE JONESY!!!