Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Here's an interesting thing...

Jack's shack I have to thank Gidge for making me so welcome.

Some kind of horror occured on the Jones blog last night I was too busy trying to figure out where the Azores and Tristan da Cunha were (on this giant World jigsaw that the other half and me (grammar) are currently playing with) to tune in to the Indie thing. However, according to a reliable informant, it is alleged that insults and exchanges were traded between X and the JB. bloggers. On what the subject was that triggered this fury I do not know. I will find out!!! I do know that today GMT. + 0 approx 2.30 pm. ALL the blogs at Indie are down and out. That includes the Steve blog. They are out to lunch BIG TIME. That also includes the archive posts. To what extent has Mr. S. taken a hissy fit with the El. Capitano's blog and evicted the bloggers enmass so to speak, as it were?

a)Are you serious???
b)Ya can't believe everything you read on myspace
c)Not at all.
d)He's got the power - he's the techie.

If it's d). I hope not. I have cried wolf b4 on my pages and things have ended up serene. Or is it merely that the website has just gone tits up shit...happens - pro tempore - like er temporary. Normal service will be resumed as soon as we can like figure out what normal service is.

It matters 0 my dear ones because the jb bloggers are with a few noteable exceptions blinded by the light of myspace, seduced by the pimping and the rockin' and the muso's and dem glitterballs. They sadly hang out there nowadays, oh myself included, I'll admit it. It seems we are all in the wings of the Steve. Didn't I get crazy kicks when he accepted my comments on his booty t-shirts, git box and his captainship? The man what makes the myspace money man is the served by advertising dataminer Tom man and the Rupert magnate Murdoch media man. 'S ok, I just think that the jb. crew might want to jump here and

COMMENT once in a wee whilie.

The Update.

Right it was all about playlists - someone did a kind thing and someone else criticised - the boys in the main kept out of it. The girls had a bit of a ding dong, its all a storm in a teacup. 2 be perfectly honest I personally couldn't give a monkey's toss what the playlists are. I ynderstand how important tosome people that is but I do not worry. I like the dialogue, I like good music and Indie gives me those things in fistfulls! I love the blog - that is why I do this, I love the Jonesy Jukebox blog. PRAISE!!!

Oh the blogs are back hooray!!!!!!

I makes it soooo easy for 'em. Merely click on the linkie to open a new window, the myspace space thing clunking away in the background. Here you are on my blog and do you COMMENT do you f...Who ya gonna call when you want the goss?

Nevah, certainment,
Pie absolutement,
Jewell, Stimmt genau,
Michebel, she knows,
Floratina, for definite,
JR. totally for sure
Glass heroes oh yes!
Ramona - ma ma ma my Sharona!
Minnie the Minx.
Chispa - el loco hombre con el discotheque!

and the long list continues...

A special bigup to my old schoolie

Bangkok Steve

who sent me the new cd. of the Disrupters, GAS THE PUNX. It contains such as, "Norvic the Clown," "Bomb heaven," "Napalm," a different version to the one that appeared on the excellent CRASS compilation of new Brit bands, "Bullshit detector." Grab yourself a copy and relive a slice of 80's British Anarcho-punk action!


This has been a chriswasanon updated update - why accept shoddy imitation?
Go chriswasanon for all your surplus jones needs - to steal a phrase - yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

By the time I started to fill you in (typing away) the blogjam had been cleared up. The intrigue!


I posted on your 1/12 blog but forgot to type me name...

Chris was Anon said...

That's ok. Tina I guessed it was you.

Enjoy your weekend - keep commenting.