Thursday, September 27, 2007


What happened to cwa,well it's been away for a good while. Have you got a ticket for the forthcoming Sex Pistols shows yet. Brixton?  Manchester.  Maybe I will see you there. Rumour has it and I hope so that Steve will announce some LA gigs for the 30th Anniversary of NMTB.

I am indebted as ever to she who would like to remain anonymous and to Chispa and to Tina for keeping the spirit alive.  Winter is upon us at Chriswasanon towers. Another book festival beckons.  

I dreamed this morning that Steve and Glen were in the kitchen and that the Pistols were playing tonight in the County Buildings. Google it.  I had to make up these posters with felt tip pens and stick them around the town. :-)

Ah well, I've got me Manchester ticket now.

What is that Steve profile pic on his myspace page?

Any ideas???

Where's rat scabies?  



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chiSPa said...

its a pleasure to me can to read something about Jonesys Jukebox
thank you very much