Thursday, May 03, 2007

from 5/1 The Nature Of Thieving and so forth

Steve: Did Tom put me back in his Top 8 yesterday, after that song?

Chuck: (laughs) That was a good song.

Steve: We’ll see. He probably don’t. I’m sure he’d like to hear that song, though. They’ve got a few songs about that ain’t they, Myspace? Um, that one was the best one, I think, though. That one topped ‘em all. Uh, what else is happening? I was thinking the other day, like I do. You know…your brain is always thinking, innit? Your brain is always doing something. It’s normally thinking. It’s normally thinking about yourself or something, in some form. Do you think about yourself a lot?

Chuck: Yeah?

Steve: You do, people do. They just think about themselves. All the time. I don’t know once when your brain ain’t thinking, about…situations. Don’t you wish you could turn your brain off sometimes and just not want to think, just…I guess that’s what it’s like if you have a lobotomy, right? You just kind of, you don’t think about anything but then, it’s not much else going on as well. That’s the only drag. I wish I had a little button that you could turn it off every now and again, just to have a break, just to stop thinking. But besides the point, what I was thinking about was, you know like, stealing? The concept of stealing, taking from someone else, taking from a store or whatever. The concept: taking that ain’t yours.

Now, when there was cavemen or lets say, monkeys…if you take a banana off another monkey, if a monkey took a banana off another monkey, is that stealing? Like, a caveman…if he nicked a piece of meat off something a caveman had already done, is that considered stealing?

Chuck: Yeah.

Steve: But I don’t think the concept was called “stealing” back then, was it?

Chuck: No.

Steve: You know what I mean? It’s just surviving, basically. So when did the concept of stealing start, do you reckon?

Chuck: Probably when the concept of ownership started.

Steve: Ownership, yeah. It’s a problem, innit, ownership? Yeah. I guess it’s the civilized thing to do innit, once you know better I would suppose. I suppose you can’t blame cavemen for nicking things. There was no rules back then, I guess. Hmmm. Yeah. I just trying to rationalize my own thieving when I was a kid (laughs).

Chuck: Survival.

Steve: (jokey tone) I was surviving, don’t you understand? Fools.

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