Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One more time!

Welcome back to chriswasanon! Best viewed on a Firefox browser probably or Linux or anything but Internut exploder 6 where it looks like cac quite frankly my dear. On my brother's XP machine it certainly does look bizarre.

This post is about anniversaries. In it I will attempt to show through subjugating this, coming to terms with that and underlining the other the following factoids.

Anniversaries are such boring things aren't they? After all, last year we had the 30 years retrospect of the tea time Sex Pistols Grundy swearathon shocka. Now this year it will be 30 years since GSTQ caused such a furore amongst the staid boring old status quo in Britain. It's a funny old world where a man can sing, "No future" and 30 years later..is this what we imagined?
Bloody computers! I don't see Electric cars in the sky and the Internal combustion engine if it stays in polluting pole position will in a matter of only 10,000 years be more successful than the horse, probably...at least you could grow tomatoes with their shit! However it did take you 42 hours to get from London to Edinburgh by stage coach in the 1820's. Off topic Off topic!!! :-(

Once upon a time there is a radio station called Indie 103.1 fm beaming out of LA area a show called "Jonesy's Jukebox." It is hosted by Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. He plays what he likes in a loose guest/cd format. Now, not only can you get this show in your kitchen or home in the LA area but it also (Bonus!!!) is streamed over the Internet. Which means that oiks like me in Schottland can listen too.

The Internet is communication. Web logs or blogs yeah?

"Today I got up and looked out of the window and then had a shower..."

That's pretty boring isn't it? Blogs! With something completely different in mind, this JJ. show rather uniquely on the Indie 103.1 fm website took the decision to have a huge message board blog where it's host Steve Jones Los Sex Pistolero el Hombre! could post a thematic starter comment or observation which ALL and sundry were invited to respond to by having access open to all.

Each of these threads spawned replies. They began quickly to snowball. From 37 comments to something like 3000+ comments over the short period of Bambi's life. When did it start Flo? Insert answer -----> here: September 15, 2006.

Private conversations sprung up between posters. Myspace urls were exchanged, friendships forged with yet more chatter and so on and so on. Underpinning that confluence of online music fan humanity there was a stream of consciousness snapshot of the show, consisting of comments on the music, the host, the guests, the adverts, the Shovel - the transcriptions requested, everything.

What happened?

The radio station remains, and like for sure, the show is still Steve Jones' Jukebox but that thing called the Steve Jones Blog which this blog owes it's very life to...is dead.

Cast your minds backwards to 16 Feb 2006. The new blog - "How dare you defy?" had just been created. As a question "how dare you defy?" was probably a tad more challenging than "etc." eg. which had been another topic that Steve set. Or "Carry on." Looking back in the archives of this blog (chriswasanon) it was a matter of 2 days later that the Steve Jones Blog on Indie 103.1 died a permanent death. Killed by person or persons unknown. Here's what it looked like back in the day preceding lock-out and mass extinction and before it went offline temporarily.

Ahhhhhh - bless it!

The image is very likely the copyright of Indie 103.1 FM. But I thought you'd like a look back.

You clicked on the red text. In you went to interact with such a bunch of souls blogging the show as it was being broadcast and after. These people I called the Blogstars. Though Steve as Flora said here somewhere was, "the real star. " Some of them posters names have vanished into the ether, ne'er to be seen again. Some of them may have been"sock puppets," people do like having conversations with themselves. No they don't! Yes they do! Some of which were probably famous peoples...probably. Some of which were Me and You, who knows? One more time? Positively the last time!

Rotter was there, Floratina was there, Pie was there, Stuart was there, JR. was there, IrishScots was there, Alison was there, Jewell was there, Jade was there, Scottish Toodler was there, Ramona was there, Shloemoe was there, Minx was there, AC. was there, Chispa was there, Tricky was there, NYC Gail was there, Gidget too. Nevah. This is that hall of fame. Many many more regulars and once onlys much too numerous to mention. If I missed you etc.

No INVITATION required.

So what? Sometimes the chat got a bit rude and perhaps it descended into typed Anarchy and could get quite messy at times but there was and has never been anything since like it. Our chatbox is a mere mimic of it and you are most welcome and I don't care who you are - to leave a comment.

With the myspace group there seemed little point in CWA blog carrying on. This blog grew to exist merely to comment on the Jones bloggers. When you take the online party away, what's left? The transcriptions! So Lo Floratina joined me here to post the terrific transcripts that this little corner of the Interweb has become World Famous for... probably. Here they all are, all the guests from nearly a year with positively the very best bits of Jonesy's jukebox transcribed.

On that matter anyone who tells you or believes that transcriptions were a major problem on the Jonesy's Jukebox blog is speaking out of their tin-foil hat.

So on the vague idea of some kind of a boring anniversary happening, CwA would like you to remember the way we were and where we are now.

Cos CwA blog stayed open!

Speaking of anniversaries, that are not boring, Jonesy's Jukebox has now been on the air for three years, it passed it's third birthday on Feb 10th. 2007. Stuart commemorated things over at his bit with his 3rd birthday party cake and controversial ex Steve Jones blog regular Miche and Indie junkie has posted her view of things here . Newbies only.

Maybe things really aren't so very boring after all...

RIP. Steve Jones Indie 103.1 Blog.

Happy birthday Jonesy's Jukebox!!!

Lively up yourself!

Chris was Anon.


chiSPa said...

thanks Chris and cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank You Chris for the mention, man. My going on Jonesy's Indie 103.1 Blog is one of the best things that I've ever done. I miss the blog, but at the same time I've met some of the best people around. Rotter, Floratina, CwA, JR., Ramona, Shloemoe, Chispa, Gidget, Nevah.

RIP. Steve Jones Indie 103.1 Blog.

Happy birthday Jonesy's Jukebox!!!
My Goodness, Three years? Wow!!!
This is something else.

Congrats to Chris and Tina for keeping the CwA blog stayed open!

Cheers to you,
Mary (Irishscots)