Wednesday, February 07, 2007

From 2/6/06 Enjoyment All Over

Steve: I did tell you that the clocks are going forward earlier this month…didn’t I, Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: No…

Steve: Yes.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, you did.

Steve: Starting in March, as opposed to the month after March. What’s the month after March?

Mr. Shovel: April.

Steve: That’s when it normally goes (?). It’s going (?) in March.

Mr. Shovel: Why do you suppose that is, Steve.

Steve: I’ve no idea. Maybe cos of global warming, we’re all going to die in a couple of years, trying to get more hours sunlight in? I dunno. Maybe the farmers are unhappy because they’re not making enough stuff, because of global warming? It’s funny that they are moving it forward, innit? It’s never been done before, has it? Have you ever noticed that? It’s got to be something like that. I think, slowly, people in (the) mainstream are slowly acknowledging the fact that there might be a problem with the weather, cos there’s a lot of drastic stuff that’s going on. It’s not just storms and heatwaves, it’s like drastic. You know what I mean? What’s that big one they just had, where was it? Didn’t some big thing happen down South?

Mr. Shovel: Florida.

Steve: Florida.

Mr. Shovel: Tornadoes. Not tornado season.

Steve: Yeah…I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be roasting in L.A. this summer. Just a hunch. And everyone’s going to have their air conditioner on…and the power’s going to go out and everyone’s going to be miserable. But will we do anything about it? No, because we like our modern conveniences. It has to be a governmental procedure. Things have to be mandatory. Chinese are going to be the ones though. They’re really going to make that hole bigger…cos they want to be like us, (like) the U.S. has been in the last fifty years. The Chinese want to have appliances, all the good things that we’ve had. And there’s a lot of them. And they’ve got a lot of money now. (sings)

Oh, I really enjoy
My new way of livin’
Yes I really enjoy
the Chinese new way of livin’
and the joke is on me…

(channeling Jerry Lewis)
oh, I really enjoy myself laydeee
I enjoy oh yes I enjoy, joy joy to the world
Enjoyment all over the world…!


chiSPa said...

yeah Flora,
thanks thanks and thanks..

chiSPa said...

I really enjoy..
excelent, Jonesy again
thans Floratina.
everytime I read here, its a great and fun momment to me.