Monday, January 22, 2007

Hup hup hup. Welcome back to chriswasanon. Isn't Steve looking well in these pics. Great.

Fit and healthy I'd say.  

Now it would be fair to say it near made me wee myself when I found out that the SP's 
would be doing 3 gigs this year.  If these go well, I can't see a reason why there might not be some US dates too.  We'll see...

We just don't know how far things have progressed.  Steve will be doing a show from Sundance todaynight which promises to be a good one. We could do with a sundance or two here weather-wise.  Quite an extended Christmas break this year for me.  As per my good friend Floratina keeps things sailing along and without her this blogulike would be a thing of vapid nothingness.

I'd say...wouldn't you?  

I took the opportunity whilst in the lost land of very few computers to ride me electric bike (it's not that great, a 20 mile range and the battery is heavier than a lead dustbin full of gold bricks).

Catching up on old friends. 5 years since.  Drinking gin and tonics, gynntonnyx right Quean?Until dawn.  

I'm not so sure about the new blogger neither Stuart.  Not so.   The Internest is a duller thinger withouter Rotter too.  Lets keep our fingers crossed and legs that Morrissey and Beckham and his fashionable WAG the former Spice nice get on the Steve show too. Yes there's lots to look forwards too.  Now check out those pictures below.


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