Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A little digression - no transcript today.

The Sheriff of Rockingham, the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' rollah, I wonder how Steve would look like as the Ayatollah - there is definitely a religious theme illuminated like a goldleaf reredos. Well I left a fine 14th Century crozier for Easter. The No. 1. Social networking site, the myspace. Just a picture cuh - think CwA breaks into churches? Cuh! Think again! Sign up - add me - delete me.

My space deletions. or - Being deleted.

Rather than going around dobbing people in because they don't have Stephen Jones our Pontiff of Pop in their top 8, Chris was Anon ALWAYS does the opposite - that's why the Rotter was made welcome here and Shlomoe our AltErNaTiVe Mr. Shovel may pin his GG. Allin poster up if he wants. Yar boo sucks! Likewise if Miche wishes she can chew the fat here.

My space additions. 0r + Being added.

A gent added me on the ole myspace and just happened to mention that he had applied for a blessing a month since from Steve to no availment - Together we gets the result. An audience and addition and we have one very happy man with Maximum Pontifex in his top 8.

It is meet and proper my brethren and sisthren ;-) to remember the distress that that first terrible wave of deletions had on our Pontifical community. Some of the oldest bloggers from the previous forum were tossed overboard without so much as a bye as they left.

I'm afraid I completely missed Steve's guest Ian Gillan tonight as I was out staring at the original Orac and the original Liberator. The models from Blakes 7. Matt Irving with 22 years of experience in model making for the BBC - before squeaky clean CGI took over - was in Wigtown. DR. Who, DR. Who...It's a strange thing to see the things of your childhood televisual viewing pleasure standing like so many Airfix or er Revell construction kits on a table. Blakes 7 happened before we crossed the last aeon and pledged to "DeStRoY television." ;-)


Well now, what does it says up there? "Eclectic" or taking influences from many things. So watch out! I may finally post my Moroccan holiday snaps. Tina will be back with the dope soon I feel. I'm talking TRANSCRIPTION TRANSCRIPTION TRANSCRIPTION. and any other thing. When that happens, we will let you know.


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