Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orac (well, there's a wee bit of transcription) April 19th 2006

Welcome back to chriswasanon. Yes it is the Orac what a sexy in a gadgety printed circuit nerdy sort of way - although allbeit boxy - beast it is - much more than just a computer, a brain according to the script. Or is just another piece of Space junk from Blake's 7. Matt Irving knows.

Myspace news

Wo! Steve has posted some picture comments to a young lady over on the myspace and as ever there are some entertaining picture comments left by the...well altar I suppose. Now I'd quite like to have a pontiff doll meself but I imagine sadly that the hot tub accessory is extra - they always are :-( Do we have to assume that the batteries are included? I wish I could shake myself from this religious thing I seem to have got into with the Pontiff. That ole myspace is acting weird again isn't it as of today when I tried to bulletin.

Guitar and Jukebox news

Now how much did that off white Les Paul custom job guitar go for? £33,000 with an additional "buyer's premium" of 20% making une figure totale of £39,600 or in USD $70,928. et + 83 centimes. Qwite Fwankly m'dear I'm s-t-a-g-g-e-r-e-d. How on earth I'm going to pay for it is beyond me ;-)

Oh well now I see. I don't have to because

a). I did not bid

b) "It's just a fake, make no mistake, a ripoff for you..."

It was a ringer, of sorts and Steve did said so as much on the box last night. Oh these are the things though that dreams are made of. So Jones is still angling to get the real thing - no not Coke you fool, I'm bloggying about his original Los Sex Pistolero guitar. Strange things that we desire. Mon dieu Arbuthnot! Mebbes Orac can help us. Go to it Orac, make it come homewards. Updatum. Well it seems that this story is a little more complicated than that, Steve did own this guitar but...anyway I think that Tina is going to transcribe it for us to ponderise over.

Jukebox records news.

A nice slab of punk music last night on the box too weren't there? Sham 69 and Clash and the Splodgers and the Ruts and the Jam and even Who killed Bambi? As you can see there is no transcription today. Is it becoming a bit of a bore?

Oh well I can think of worse things to do. You'll get the tip - no worries. It seems that something is cooking, yes the transcriptorium's bank of lights are flashing away...indicative of activity.

This info bulletin cobbled almost entirely from myspace and my partner in creativity Tina. Except for the picture of ORAC which is my own indulgence to super computers everywhere. Next time a blurred picture of Jenna - probly...not and hello yes...a transcription coming through...


Here is a bit to clarify the guitar issue

from 4/19/06

Tina is at the controls.

Steve: I just got a message from a friend of mine in England. There was this white Les Paul on ebay or, it was actually a guitar that I had, but if I don’t remember selling it as the original one, and this guy sold it as the original one for…it just sold, apparently for 33,000 pounds, which is close…that’s at least fifty grand, dollars there. More – it’s more. I’m so annoyed. Not that the guy…well a little bit that the guy got a lot more money than what I sold it for…let me spray around here. Let me combat the holy gas. Hold on. (we hear the sound of aerosol air freshener being sprayed)

(It's)Not that the bloke got that much money...(reconsiders) a little bit, but the fact that the original one, which I’m hoping to get will take the sting out of that, but…whatever, you know. The swindle continues…that’s all I can tell ya.

I have a harmonica right here. It’s the original one that I used on uh...“Bodies” and uh...I’m willing to sell it right now for uh...fifteen thousand pesetas, if anyone is interested. (sings) She was a girl from Birmingham…(starts blowing into harmonica) You remember, can you hear this in the background? (replicates that chugging jun-jun-jun from “Bodies” on the harmonica) If you listen closely on headphones, you’ll hear that in the background, right. (continues on harmonica) And this harmonica is the one I actually played on there. Chris Thomas will tell ya, too. (quietly, sneaky-ish) I’ll get him to verify...


ChispaFilthyLucre said...

its funny when STEVE
said "pesetas"
where is the pesetas?
no in sPaiN.
Thanks Tina at the controls

Chris was Anon said...

Yes it's all Euro everywhere now ChiSpa apart from the UK.

floratina said...

"Pesetas" sounds more sexy than "euro".

Chris was Anon said...

Read about that German fellow who flushed a huge amount of Deutsch Marks down his crapper? He thought that the DM were useless. The fire brigade fished them all out of the sewage system and he was something like 20,000 richer because the bank then changed them to Euros for him the lucky, lucky...