Friday, December 22, 2006

The Christmas Post! More Oasis 2nd hour.

Welcome back to Chriswasanon. Leave a nice polite message. It's just about Christmas Post time innit. "Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day....blah blah you treated me like some goof and deleted me from myspace." That would probably be the 21st Century equivalent like.

Hey Steve wanted pants and socks last year. It's too late for me to get my giftis to him alas, so like Steve you all have to just make do with just a Christmas card. Fill in the complaint form... Eeeh I got fair caught up with the spirit of Christmas this year,so I did going so far to as change my myspace name to "Christmas was Anon" and also House bling was anon too, cos I think that there really is an awful lot of that about, I reckon!

What festive frolics I've been up to, getting kail eyed on rum and ribenas, reciting poetry the like of which you do not want to know. Google "It was Christmas day in the workhouse." In other news Chriswasanon has now officially shifted to Blogger2 which is the new Googlengine for such blogs as make the grade...I think. There hasn't been much of ecleticism here recently.

The Christmas post is a time to change that. I was over at a friend's the other day - admiring her Christmas tree - as ye do. When I asked her where she had got this Sitka spruce, she said that she nicked it. Now she wasn't some yobbish Ned o but she was a terribly naice lady. What's more she nicks her tree from the Forestry Commission each year...Don't blame her. Here at the Byre I shall be bidding fond fare thee wells to all as I head into the fog of the UK to once more familiarise myself with a land of no computers.

Special Christmas greets to those who have kept me sane this year. This a little like the old CwA Hall of fame where noteworthy jukebox bloggers got a mench. So lets do it one more time. The first one more time since the Jones blog died the death in factimundo. In no particular order.

Floratina Without which.
Alison Bling it on, bling it on, bling it on baby.
Rotter Ahahahahahah
Shloemoe Cheers and a seasonal tilt of the water of life.
Maddie For keeping the home fires burning
Robert KP. He's in shape!
Piespace A wise fool z fool.
JR. Knackered what was it JR?
NYC San Fran Gail You go to it babes and deck them.
Aunt Chrissie. Last seen surrounded by tea bags
Quean. She knows a Dr. called Danger.
Chispa Filthy Lucre. Cancelled Madrid gig ticket.
Glenn O We will get Peace on Earth sometime Glenn. Until then...
Pauly Poo! Damned Damned Damned
Bangkok Steve Here's hoping that all is well.
IrishScots She comes and she goes, Celtic Warrior being.
Jewelly All that glisters is not but this person is a true sparkler.
Jade. This woman is that.
Ronen. Happy festival.
Muzz You only get an Anarchy once - get the best from dangerouslyclose

all top geezers and geezerinas

Last the biggest of Ups to Mr. Stephen Jones and Mark Shovel.

All of you is good folks but may I wish you all our readers hall of fame or not, a cracking Christmas and a happy New Year. I will see you all on various networks when we return. Without any further ado here's a transcription for youse. It picks up the continuing Oasis blokes saga where we last left it somewhere down the page. Yes we know it got podcast, that still doesn't mean it's not worthy of the treatment. ..that's it. Merry Yule!!!!

(After a week solo in the spotlight, I've moved this latest part of the transcript down to the Oasis post so that all the bits are together - TJ) click ->LINK


Anonymous said...

"IrishScots She comes and she goes, Celtic Warrior being."

I love seening me username again.
Oh what an ego ye weave me, CwA.


Ah, fudge it. Okay Happy Christmas and have a wonderful New Year to ye all and yer loved ones.

Lots of love,

chispa said...

thanks CwA
all the best to you