Thursday, November 02, 2006

I enjoyed that

The Halloween show I mean, especially hearing that depraved classic, "the hands of Jack the ripper." For maniacal cackling call on Sutch everytime. Skank master Lee Scratch is coming into the Sketch, the pad, the studio. November 7th. Forget Skank as in "skanky ho bitch" or whatever other nasty ephithet you may ascribe to those whom you loathe. I mean skank as in "easy skanking," the space and movement of dub, so what better than Lee Perry?

Bollocks, I've looked at my dairy and I wont be stuck in front of the pc watching everything come to an unbearable halt on this sorry excuse of a 12 year old computer, all so's I can hear Steve and the songs he plays. So I won't! We're putting on Rab Wilson, Ayrshire's finest Scots makar (poet) and the excellent Willie Drennan from Antrim in a light hearted evening exploring music, poetry and song between "Norn Irn" and Scotland. So there. Seems unlikely that Willie will bring his lambeg drum this time.

1. One of the loudest acoustic instruments in the world, it can reach 120 decibels, the lambeg drum.

2. Wille Drennan.

3. Rab Wilson's Lallan Scot's translation of the Ruibayat, known as the "muckle buik" and held in the County buildings here in Wigtown. Reported as the worlds, biggest, heaviest and most expensive book of poetry.

Exploring the archives at the CWA, I see 3 really significant events in this blog's history. Number 1. The first post at CwA. 14/11/05. You know what that means don't you? Yersst, Jelly and ice-cream and a party to celebrate 1 whole year in the blogosphere. Number 2. The closing 0f the Steve Jones Jonesy's Jukebox blog, we'll have an anniversary for that too and Number three, the hosting of Floratina purveyor and supplier of finest transcriptions. We will party till we puke.

Next post, Faslane 365.


Sounds like some more wild and crazy times at ze byre!

I was away from the program for a short while yesterday and only caught bits and pieces at one point, what's this about Lee Perry? I was just wondering if he was still around. I like him. Never heard him before The Box. The charming Chuck P. sat in for Mr. Shovel yesterday, will Meester be back with us today? - T.

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