Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

Before I begin if you want Ian Mclagan, he is directly below this post!!!

Welcome back to chriswasanon!!! Yes CwA blog is nearly ONE YEAR old. Setup originally on the 14. November 2005. The first post and indeed the second here were my little holiday dittys on Spain. Spain 1 and Spain 2. Cwa blog grew into a little place to go for wayward and locked out juke box bloggers back in the day when the Indie 103.1 blogs were open to one and all and only had one half day closing.

It was a laugh to have the CwA hall of fame where the contributions of the many people who posted to the blog were reviewed when this was then a, "watch blog." Out of the memory hole of back in the day, we evoke once more the names of AC. and Tricky Dicky. TD you will recall provided many explanations to obscure references, rhyming slang etc and is sadly missed. Shloemoe's most enduring memory is that AC. wanted to hunt him down and kill him! I can't believe that???

Alas there came the day when the Steve Jones blog on the Indie 103.1 site was shut permanently. It was a crisis, which Floratina quickly rose to.

The most essential part of the JB blog to my mind were the very popular transcriptions. So it was felt strongly that over riding all other concerns that the lady that posted the transcriptions of the best bits of Jonesy's Jukebox on the old blog, Floratina needed a vehicle for those transcriptions and it should be one outwith MySpace too. She started making them available here. You will find pretty much all this information already posted but I felt as it was our birthday that I should post it once more.

There were many others who blogged furiously in those days. The names, of which my mind grows dim. Then there are of course the bloggers that have stuck around, JR. Jewell, the Scottish Toodler, IrishScots, ChispaFilthyLucre, Pie and Peas. Alison, Car, Aunty Chrissy and many others. ALSO the other more controversial members of our merry little gang, the Rotter, Shloemoel. Shouts out to you. We are the waifs and strays.

It used to be said of the New Age Travellers in the UK that they were the last bus ride and that if you couldn't get a lift with them, you couldn't get a lift with anyone. So hop on board, cos what do we care about? Membership, nah. That you wear a suit and tie? Nah. Jonesy's jukebox is what we care about.

The mission statement to be a damned eclectic blog has not changed and from time to time I will continue to post totally unrelated material here, just cos I want to but NEVERTHELESS pretty much 90% of this blog is just pure Steve Jones, Mark Shovel and the guests and that will continue so long as we do.

I think on that matter that sometime soon like a more professional blog, I will get round to posting an index. Such as the myspace top 8, such as the Motorhead interview, such as the Angel of Anarchy, such as the Buzzcocks, in the meantime you will just have to try a search of the blog for all those good things and much more. I know its unprofessional but a billion and one other things take up my time too.

That's where I see it 1 year on. So wish CwA blog a happy first birthday, our respect and good wishes go out to, Stuart over at jonesyjukebox blog. To Phil at kickdownthedoors, the host of the Tina CwA full guest transcriptions of John Lydon, Paul Cook, Glen Matlock and Chrissie Hynde, when they appeared on the box. Shouts out also to other co bloggers, Scottish Toodler and to Jade. Special shouts out to you our readers, and a shout out to Jack over at the Indie forums that's it.

Thanks as ever to Steve Jones and Mark Shovel for everything.

A 3 day specia? It looks like we will have back to back transcriptions! Tina with Oasis and meself with Marco and other juicy bits and pieces.

Happy Birthday Steve Jonesy's <----------Alternative-------------> Juke Box Jive Blog!

On with the transcribing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the CwA Blog.
Congrats to Ms Tina and Mr. Chris for doing an wonderful job on the Transcriptions and for putting up with all of us Tossers(Hahahaha!!!).

Keep up the Great Work and all the Best Wishes to you both.

Lots of Love,

Quean said...

Much applause! Many thanks!