Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tina here.
This is the mascot of World Cup 2006, Goleo IV, purported to be the "King of Parties" and "he's as cool as they come" according to the FIFA website. As you can see, he is accompanied by his little friend (that he kicks around), Pille the Talking Football, who is a "right chatterbox and wears his heart on his sleeve".
Here's a bit of World Cup news from yesterdays show:
Steve: World Cup next week, Mr. Shovel.

Mr. Shovel: Oh, goody.

Steve: World Cup. We got to get this ESPN 2 in the studio here so I can watch games. I‘ve got to tell you one thing: If England…like, the first two England games, is next Saturday at six in the morning and the next one’s at nine in the morning, and if for some reason the other England games are on at twelve o’clock, I’m gonna be “sick”. I’m just letting you know right now cos I can’t miss that. That’s the one game I can’t miss is England in the World Cup, if they’re going forward. You understand.

Mr. Shovel: How many times might that happen?

Steve: I don’t know. I doubt if they…I doubt if a lot of the games are going to be at twelve. But I’m just, I’m just letting you know now. That if, if it does coincide with The Box, I’m definitely gonna be “sick”. You can fire me, do what you will, but I can’t miss that.

Mr. Shovel: You’re gonna have to have a doctor’s note.

Steve: I could get a doctor’s note. I have many powers.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
I was doing my best to determine the degree of Jukeboxlessness that we could suffer due to the World Cup. It
looks as though Tuesday June 20th, England v. Sweden is at twelve bells is a prospect. Most of the games, when not on the weekend, are at 8 bells Pacific, that is, if I got the time zone thing right. I found a schedule here: World Cup Schedule at BBC Sport. If the time conversion confounds you as it does me, I found this site: World Clock.
~~~ ~~~
Tan Line/ Arse News: A sense of propriety and the presence of mixed company led Steve to keep his trunks on around the pool this weekend. He will have some catching up to do. I am confident that he will keep us updated.
Badass Hybrid news:
Chrome Hearts, Pimp that Prius - please. I think this cause is damn near hopeless, though. You'll have to love it for its mind.
I don't see how you could comfortably fit one person in the back of this car, let alone two that are er, .moving around.

Steve: (sings)

Got my Prius it’s for us, my little Prius
See what I can get
Will I get all the tree huggers
in the back seat huggin’ me
Pre… (you know what I mean…yeah)

Birkenstocks, hemp trousers
I’m gonna go the whole nine yards
And see what kind of minge I can get

I’ll be hangin’ outside vegetarian restaurants
lookin’ for them hairy armpits
I’m bored with the high heels
I need me some high

Umm mmm, I’m gonna rub soy beans all over your head
They don’t call me satan for nothin’
I mean, seitan*
It’s a fine piece of fake meat
Mmmm, “I’m gonna give you my seitan, baby!”
Awwww j’yeah

Pre…premat’ch, precumming ahhh, yer gonna get a load of me
Prius I’m half electric, I’m half gas(well you know I’m half gas by now) um hmmm
Captain Prius I’ve got an electric starship
with a load of buttons and whistles and bells
C’mon hippie, now

Never trust a hippie
Especially one with a ponytail
They all go down to the NAMM show
With their ponytails on and their satin jackets
trying to sell you anything to do with music
the new WD4-6 dimidulator
with the phase quantrain on top of it
“I really want one of those, I think they’re fantastic for when I do my lead guitar”

Prius, oh daddy-o
I’m gonna play some rock and roll
Right now with a bit of Blues Explosion
Burn Off the sunshine

*Seitan, it's the vegetarian wheat-meat!

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