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Chrissie Hynde...Higher beings

Welcome back to chriswasanon! Julian Temple today??? Would that we could have a machine that did the transcribing for us. By the power of the mind alone! Wouldn't that be something? Well what we gots for you is the old mechanical methodology from Tina's transcriptorium...Its the show from yesterday noon (US. Westies) Yesterday evening (UK.) Yes last night! It's what we like to refer to in the politest of circles as a "spoiler." I'm not sure of this one's destination currently but spoiler or no spoiler, I've selectified a little gobbet of Steve and Chrissie to lay out in a little pre Julian Temple "a pair of teef" for you.

This extract originates from the show with Chrissie Hynde guesting on Jonesy's jukebox with Miss Rosanna Arquette popping in too but she isn't steppin' up in this extract...yet. A show hosted by our very lovely and extraordinaryly excellent Interplanetary super being Capt. Steven Jones of the starship "How dare you defy!" It's 5 billion year mission etc...The show was broadcast over Indie 103.1 in the Los Angeles area and over the interwebbery on March 22. 2006. Is that fresh? Fresh as it can come really. Plus fresh enough to have possible minor errors too but on this 2 and 3/3rds monitor... forgive us...sob. I hads a nice imagery planned too but that hasn't worked out.


Tina is at the controls...

Chrissie Hynde Visits The Box March 22, 2006

Steve: Chrissie Hynde in the studio, ladies and gentlemen. Is you “Miss” Chrissie Hynde, now, or are you Mrs. Chrissie Hynde?

Chrissie: (laughs) I’ve married myself. What do you mean, am I “Miss” Chrissie Hynde?

Steve: Well, didn’t you get married a couple of times?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: You’re not married anymore, though, are you?

Chrissie: No. No, I’m not really marriage material.

Steve: So, when you…

Chrissie: They all want me back, of course…

Steve: Riiiight. So when…

Chrissie: …as you can well I’m sure, vouch for that.

Steve: Yes. So when, when we uh, when we ummm, had sex, many years ago…we did, right?

Chrissie: Well…

Steve: I remember…

Chrissie: I think when I didn’t have a place to live and I used to come around to the studio on Denmark, I think you used to give me one.

Steve: Yeah, but I remember another spot as well. It was at a party in the bathroom. I remember that, too. What, I was that good, you don’t remember?

Chrissie: It was that good?

Steve: Even I remember.

Chrissie: Do you know what I remember about that party, was there was a…like a turkey or a chicken and I ate a piece of it. I still remember that ‘cause of course you know, it was a huge violation for me, but I was so hungry and after what I’d just…been up to in the bathroom with you, I thought, you know, I was already working with The Man Downstairs and I thought, “Fuck the chicken.” (Mr. Shovel has to hit the dump button at this point) Sorry! (for the expletive)

Steve: She can’t help herself. (sings) She’s a rebel and she’s never ever any good!
(both laugh)

Chrissie: Well, we got off to a good start.

Steve: That’s fine with me.

Chrissie: So, I saw Lemmy last night.

Steve: Did he come to your show?

Chrissie: Yeah. And I thought, isn’t it ironic how we’ve all become respectable?

Steve: Yeah…

Chrissie: Well, I was always respectable, but like, you guys...

Steve: Yeah, I guess so.

End of extract....................................................................


Tina at the controls.

Steve: You came from Akron, Ohio.

Chrissie: Yeah, to, to London.

Steve: You came straight from there to King’s Road.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Right.

Chrissie: And that’s the first time I saw all the piercings and stuff, started piercing my ears and stuff.

Steve: Do a lot of people recognize you as coming from that era, like, when they talk to you? They, do they, ‘cause you were like, right there before it even happened. Do people know?

Chrissie: Yeah. Well, I knew you before the Pistols got you.

Steve: Yeah, I know. We used to go to them pubs and watch bands.

Chrissie: Um hmm.

Steve: What was that pub down the end…

Chrissie: The Roebuck. No…

Steve: Down the end of a road, off a, ‘round back of a…Olympia. It was down a long road and there was a pub down the end. We saw The Winkies in there. Remember The Winkies? Or was it Judy Nylon…

Chrissie: Don’t remember…

Steve: Maybe it was Judy Nylon.

Chrissie: Don’t remember.

Steve: So, when you worked in there, was it Malcolm and Vivienne or was it just Malcolm?

Chrissie: Yeah, I didn’t last very long, though. There was that incident with Nick Kent and the belt and then they fired me.

Steve: He, he whacked you, didn’t he?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Swine.

Chrissie: It’s okay. I got some good lines out of it.

Steve: Do you still…

Chrissie: I see him now.

Steve: How’s he doing?

Chrissie: Good. He’s got a little…

Steve: Is he respectable?

Chrissie: Yeah, he is. He’s got a little uh, place in Paris and he’s got a beautiful wife, nice kid and he, you know, just rolls spliffs and watches DVDs and writes.

Steve: Is he still uh…

Chrissie: No, he’s pretty cleaned up.

Steve: He’s not dressing like he’s Keith Richards anymore?

Chrissie: Yeah, he wears that kind of wife-beater shirt and you know, earring, beret…you know, he’s got this kind of French thing going now.

Steve: He’s gone off the Keith thing.

Chrissie: Little bit.

Steve: Is he still really skinny?

Chrissie: Not as skinny as he was. Not like you, Steve. I see you’ve maintained your svelte physique...


That was just a little taster - we don't have the full show by any means yet. But it was a Tina and chriswasanon quick teasing production in telepathovision TM.

Special day shouts out from the chriswasanon team to SF.GAIL!


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