Thursday, April 08, 2010

Malcolm is DEAD.

Malcolm McLaren, Artiste, Situationiste,  impressario and haberdasher, whips  chains bondage, SEX clothing, teddy boy revival clothier and the notorious mismanager of the Sex Pistols died yesterday in a Swiss hospital. He had been fighting a long battle with cancer. I just logged into the social networking and found you do.

A controversial figure. In my narrow experience with the, "what do you think of Malcolm" question I think he was a pretty creative powerhouse myself.   Not much more can be said at this juncture in time but I've added in this old, old screen from The Great Rock and Roll Swindle of a cartoon Malcolm going down with The Good Ship Venus...and a pair of his "Dead In England," "Ancien," range of SEX and Seditionaries era reboots. This time the classic 70's trouser. Thumbprint signature haute couture label visible on the rear pocket.  Sometimes this stuff appears on eBay.  Not that the togs matter but wasn't one of the punk era slogans, "like brain, like trouser." ?!

And also there is this link from the Daily Mirror with a nice picture:

So Farewell Malcolm McLaren, fi the flooers o' the forest are a wede awa.

This site even contains some of our old transcriptions...but this is an excellent piece from Phil Singleton at  Slightly disagree on the matter of Ghosts of Oxford Street, loved Buffalo gals, not wrong about everyone blaming Malcolm. I still love the Swindle and know for a fact that Steve Jones likes it too, along with Phil and many other silly old buggers, I can probably recite wholesale chunks of it.

What did Malcolm McLaren mean to you?

My thoughts are with his friends and family.

That is All.

That's enough.

Chris A.non

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