Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pushing 250...

Welcome back to chriswasanon.

The part of the Internet where we bring to you the absolutely most tip top best bits of that critically acclaimed show, Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1.

Our favourite cartoonist got another buzz when the Sire used his artwork again!!! for his Sire space myspace profile page.

I can now unveil the hitherto great secret.

Stuart has been working on a comic featuring Mr. Jones. The results of that are now available at his separate site.

The Small print ABBROGATING ALL responsibility ;-) A deliberately difficult colour to read on a black background has been chosen for this.

Not withstanding the factoid that you understand the undertaking that you make to manipulate your mouse thing by clicking it either once or twice on the link does supplied not in any way indicate any prior concurrence or responsibility that you may find on this site upon leaving us (sob).



You may want to nip over there sharpish and check that out.

CwA has been busy doing boring serious things, minute secretary for the various alpaca designing committees that he belongs to. Setting up further myspaces to add to the confusion and what with the good Dr. Who facing his old enemies again tonight on my great friend's television, (rubs hands) well the days are just packed ain't they. So what with all that, where do I get time to do justice to this?

But do it I will and it will no doubt be infested with Rattus Rattus and Sarcoptes Scabiei too.

Perhaps the blog pest control agency will need to be called? The very thought makes me itch like a bastard!

Until the next time - sometime perhaps Winter 2030 - enjoy yourselves and enjoy the box!


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