Monday, December 11, 2006

Still working on getting those Helio videos posted. Update: I don't have Helio any more! I still have the videos though.



ChispaFilthyLucre said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Tina.....

I love the pics, The man is looking awful good these days, dear.
Lots of love,
Me,meself, and I

floratina said...

Very frustrating, this video thing. Glad you like the pix.

Mary, is that you? Your myspace just disappeared! You pulled a "Rotter"!

Anonymous said...

Nope, didn't pull a Rotter, that wouldn't be very original now would it?
Oh I couldn't outshine our one and only "Disappearing Act Man". Hahahahaha!!!!!(Luv ye, Bro!)

I'm taking a break from my insanity. Been punting around the Indie Blogs with everyone, getting back to basics. I'm however, getting another space setup. Probably be ready in the new year.

Just taking sometime for me and Lil' Punk during the Christmas season.

Take it easy Ms Tina, You'll hear from me from time to time.
Come and join us on the indie blog sometime dear.

Love ye lots, Babe.

multifacetsflux said...

thanks for these great pics flora.. should've known you'd be there.. i missed the whole thing of course.. anyway, these are great!! x0

Anonymous said...

Jones looks grizzley adams without the dancin' bear.....aaahahahaha...thanks for the pics:)